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Show off your VW's 1/4 mile time with these
cool Cal plate looking stickers!
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BlazeCut for your VW. Please check out this
page. If you love your VW then you need to
get one of these!
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Pro-Billet VW distributor for your High
Performance needs!!
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Do you like to drive your VW? How about
Southern California to Seattle Washington
and back? Check out the 20th Anniversary
Gene Berg Memorial Cruise.
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How about electronic fuel injection on your
VW that really works!!
How about fuel injection on your turbo
draw-through that drives like a new Honda!!!!
We now have it at
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"NOT" looking for a complete turbo kit? We
got them!! Check out our Partial Kits
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AJ.Sims drives his 1966 Fast Back from
So Cal to Las Vegas for a chassis dyno
contest, gets close to 30MPG across the
desert at 70MPH and puts to the ground
283HP and 293TQ, drives it back and puts
175 mores miles on the car. The next
weekend drives to Drag Day and clicks off a
7.97 in the 1/8 mile.
Now thats a real daily driver beast!
Check out his combo and videos!

Need help picking the correct size head for
your combo?
Check out our Head Graph!
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CNC Heads now at LowBugget!
Check out the next best head to hit the
VW industry and do it in style!
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Check out our in-house
balanced crank, flywheel and
pressure plate combos
now available!
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Bug and Bus roof racks!
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Check out the first page of
A.J.Sims helping Blake on the
Overhalin show
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