What if you don't need the whole turbo kit?
We have A Partial Kit just for you!

This is our Drag Race/Off Road kit that fits most bugs and ghia's without
cutting but can not use a deck lid engine cover.
Also fits Baja and street /off road sand rails.
Great for making BIG POWER!

Kit includes:
1x   1 5/8" Polished Ceramic Coated header made from 16 Gauge steel
with 3/8" thick laser cut flanges and has the #2 pipe double flanged for
adjustable width to fit stock and wide engine combos.

2x   Matching Header "J" Pipes polished ceramic coated also
made from 16 Gauge steel with 3/8" thick laser cut flanges.

1x   "Y" Pipe polished ceramic coated with 2" center and 1 5/8" ends to
mount up to your stock
end-casting manifolds.

1x  Turbo from LowBugget.com. Offered with either standard T3 or
Super 40 T3 or T3/T4 turbo with or without carbon sealed installed for use
with draw-through or blow-through combos.
Give us a call and we can help you pick the best turbo for your combo.
225hp, 250hp or up to 350hp use.
All LowBugget.com turbos come with 1 year warranty.

1x 90* single bend exhaust pipe 2 1/2" also polished ceramic coated

1x   LowBugget.com 38mm gated PRO-GATE wastegate with Quick-Change
8, 12 and 16psi springs. Comes with 1 year warranty.

1x   Wastegate dump pipe with 3/8" thick flange that mimics the exhaust pipe
so they match when installed giving that custom built look!


         Drag/Off Road Partial Kit

and 1 year warranty.

This is not a complete kit. We just pieced together the main parts.
You will still need: Carb, manifold, air cleaner, boots, clamps, hardware,
vacuum line, oil feed and drain fittings, exhaust gaskets etc to name a few!
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