20th Anniversary Gene Berg Memorial Cruise.

Get your VW'S ready for a drive!
Taking a trip on July 12th leaving
Gene Berg and heading up to Seattle
WA (about 1100 miles) on the 20th
Anniversary Gene Berg Memorial Cruise.
So what is the cruise all about? A group of
us are driving from Orange California
leaving on the 12th in honor of Gene.
We lost Gene 20 Years ago
(yes its been 20 years) and to honor him
we go on these wonderful drives to the
coolest places in our VW's.  When we lost Gene
we lost one of our founding innovators from the VW
industry. We are talking generations (including me)
following in his foot steps. So-many looked up to this
man for ideas and help in their builds. Because of his ideas and
extreme amount of knowledge that we still honor him to this day!

The 2006 Gene Berg memorial Cruise.
I (A.J.Sims) had the pleasure of going on the
10th anniversary cruise 2006 to Michigan and
had a life changing experience blast!! Yes it was life
changing!!!  I still talk about it to this day. I drove my dads
1970 turbo charged bug. Got 24.98mpg and would not
change a thing about that trip!!! We made stops in each
state at shops that i would have never seen or visited.
I often say that i felt like i was in a rock band on a concert
tour, We would get on the road early in the morning,
make stops at cool shops, have some good food, talk VW,
check into a hotel late at night only to do it all over again
the next morning!! The other cool part is I got to met
some really neat people that i still talk with to this day.
I am so looking forward to this cruise!

Whats the plan? (last update 5-4-16)
Leaving Tuesday 12th of July 2016

Day 1 Tuesday 12th, total drive time 6.5 hours, 416miles:
Drive from Gene Berg to Sacramento Ca.  With stop in Bakersfield
for lunch and gas up. One more stop in Lodi for gas if we need it.
Last stop in Sacramento for check in at hotel and off for some dinner.
We are staying at
Sacramento Motel 6 for the night. 227 Jibboom St.
Sac CA 95811. The block code# m130500023 this room must be reserved
by June 13. The. # to reserve rooms all the same 18005444866.
Just need to give them the block code #.

Day 2 Wednesday 13th, Total drive time 7.5 hours, 463miles: Wake
up!! Have some breakfast then a quick drive through downtown
Sacramento on our way to Reeding CA for our next Gas stop and shop
visit at
Wolfgang International  Next stop is at Motel 6 2735
Pacific Blvd SE Albany OR 97321 Phone # 541-926-4233
Must call this in ASAP! (Do it now, "NO Now,
NOW NOW"!!!!)

Day 3 Thursday 14th: Wake up and off to House Of Ghia in Salem, OR
and later drive up to  
Precision Alloy in Ridgefield WA on our way to
To Motel 6 in  Kirkland 12010 120 Place NE Kirkland WA 98034
The block code # M068700096

Day 4 Friday 15th: car wash/lunch party, later that
night Show-N-Shine Burger Meat at U-Village Burgermaster.

Day 5 Saturday 16th: Vintage Meet in Shoreline WA.
Giant Car Show and Swap meet.  Afterwards head back to
hotel or we can Camp at the track that night. Its $10 extra.
The track has shower to use!

Day 6 Sunday 17th: PNW VW National Drag Racing Show,
Car Show, Swap Meet and all out drags racing in Kent WA. Afterwards
check into hotel for last night.

Day 7 Monday 18th: Back on the road heading home.(7-10 Hours based
on try to make it in 2x days or 3x days)
Day 8 Tuesday 19th: Back in So Cal area. (7-10 Hours based on try to
make it back in 2-3 days.)
Day 9 Wednesday 20th: If we need it.

All rooms are under Gene Berg Cruise. For the block name.
15 rooms reserved at each Motel 6 the Un-booked rooms
will be forfeited by June 13.

We will make gas, food, potty and emergency potty
break stops as needed!
We are not in a rush (cruise at or around 60-65mph)
as others with trailers are also going and can not
drive to fast safely.
Have questions on going or helping?
call Kathy from
Gene Berg at 714-998-7500
or A.J.Sims from LowBugget at 714-639-4284

As I get more info i will post on face book or on this page.
If you would like to add info to this page like club meets,
cool stops along the drive please please please e-Mail me
mrkadron@aol.com or give the shop a call at 714-639-4284

Fun pages to visit:
I found a cool web site to help us before we go on this trip, check them out!
http://www.travelmath.com This one is based on 20 mpg from Orange Ca to Kent Wa.

http://www.cascadekombis.org More info on the weekend in Washington.


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