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Why CNC heads? Because you don't have
the time for hand ported heads! Thats the
truth, and we all know it!  We want BIG horse
power with out any down time! We live in a
fast food/ drive-up generation, and CNC
heads is the way to go. Now you need to pick
what set of CNC heads is best for your
combo and needs. Big ports can give you
higher flow/HP, but if you get them to big you
end up with no air speed so you lose your
torque, A lot of worked went into keeping the
air speed up on the three different intake
ports for the new  CNC heads. Great torque
and max horse power is what you want from
your cylinder heads.  You just can't beat the
new CNC heads!
CNC Heads Come with these features:
* Dual Port type 1 stock style head casting.
* Performance thick extra hard T6 aircraft aluminum castings.
* Fits without modifications to your stock sheet metal.
* 3/4" reach 12mm spark plug holes moved up and over to give more meat to help lessen the
chance of cracks starting between the seats and plug holes like some other heads.
* Thick, solid, chamber blocks to help dissipate heat evenly across the entire combustion
* Extra thick chamber area so if you need to fly-cut for more compression.
* Thick, solid rocker blocks so you can't brake off the rocker studs like the old days.
* 3x angle performance long lasting radius valve job.
* Stainless Steel 40mm, 42mm or 44mm intake valve x  35.5mm or 37mm exhaust valves
* Dual long lasting performance valve springs that ensure extra rpm protection.
* Light weight, real chromoly spring retainers (stronger than stock stamp steel retainers)
* Hardened heat treated valve keepers. (stronger than stock keepers).
* Aluminum-Silicone-Bronze long last valve guides.
* Bore open for 85.5, 87, 88, 90.5, 92 or 94mm
* Complete CNC shaped intake and exhaust ports that do not give up air speed. This means
more torque and better throttle response.
* 3x different intake ports for the three different intake valve sizes! Not just one port fits all!
* Complete CNC shaped combustion chamber built to help with combustion quench.
* Each valve spring is shimmed per your cam and rocker combo for the correct spring
* All exhaust and intake studs are included.
* 1x set of thick Intake gaskets are included
* 1x set of Heavy duty rocker studs are included FREE!!
* Oiled and assembled for true bolt-on out of the box set of performance CNC heads!

Flow (CFM) Stage 1 40x35
click here   Stage 2 42x37 click here  Stage 3 44x37 click here

Need help picking the correct size head for your HP needs? Click Here
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40x35.5 CNC heads Stage 1 port
$869.99 Pair

85.5/87mm bore

90.5/92mm bore

94mm bore

42x37 CNC heads stage 2 port
$939.99 Pair

90.5/92mm bore

94mm bore

44x37 CNC heads stage 3 port
$969.99 Pair

90.5/92mm bore

94mm bore

Options for your CNC heads

Chase cc to what your combo needs.
Up to 75cc or down to 45cc chambers if needed.
Call for combo and compression help.
Add $85.00

De-burr chamber edges (round off) hi-compression use.
Add $30

Turbo Prep the CNC heads. De-burr chambers and top exhaust
Add $80

Port Matched manifolds for our
CNC heads.
(Parts and labor )
1x pair of Turbo Endcasting for single carb or turbo use.
1 5/8" diameter ends with an extra 2" round pipe TIG welded
onto each end. This gives you extra clamping area for silicone
boots and high boost. Stage 1 port only.
$229.99 pair

Same as above with extra welding at the base of each
endcasting manifold for the larger Stage 2 and stage 3 intake
ports. Includes extra porting labor.
$379.99 pair

1x pair of IDF manifolds port matched to stage 1 or stage 2
$269.99 pair

Same as above but matched to stage 3 port

1x pair of IDA manifolds port matched to stage 2

Same as above but port matched to stage 3

Need help or have questions,
don't want to use the Internet
to place your order?
Give us a call!   714-639-4284
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