Check out a video from me ( A.J.Sims) on the set of Overhaulin show.
I helped Blake (in this picture) full fill his dream and build one bad ass VW. Blake and I worked
along side legendary custom car builder Chip Foose and the hardest worker girl i know, Jessi
Combs. Yes guys she is that hot and that cool to talk to!  We make a real street beast come to life
for a good guy! Special thanks to all the A Team members and film crew for outstanding work on
a great show and sweet car! Hope you have fun looking at these picks, i know i had fun taking
them and will try to give you the real story from my side!

So I'm asked all the time how i got involved in the show. Simple phone call! Yes they called our
shop asking turbo tech questions and where and who to get for sponsors. They said after typing
"VW Turbo kits" we came up right up top! So I named off the normal big name shops for them to
call, the big dogs in our industry. They asked if i would not mind cruising down to the set and
maybe give some advise on parts and sponsors. I said, "NO"..........Are you on crack, i said YES
and wanted to drive over the moment i hung up the phone!

This was a week before they started any filming and I noticed real quickly that they (powers to be)
had no idea about our industry / hobby at all. I gave them the phone numbers and contact names
to the big guns from our VW world. After a few hours i was asked if i would like to be the one
making the calls for the show getting the sponsors and also be there VW go to guy and help out.
Again i felt giddy and wanted to kiss someone in that office!
Well next day I met some of the cast and most of the crew. We talked about Blake and his wish
list. Nice list but i think he wanted a bugatti veyron super sport in a bug shell! I said can i meet
Blake and talk to him, see what he is like? Just might help me get on the same page as Blake.
Blake turned out to be a real car guy that is just held back buy his cystic fibrosis condition but
still a hard worker and wants to play with people in a VW!  He reminded me of when i was his age
and just wanted to smoke a Honda or some jerk in a Vet on the street! We have all been there and
i am still there each day in my VW!
Lets get started, so for the next 6x days (yes weekends also) i was on my cell phone, making
calls, playing phone tag and killing my battery over and over. I came to the conclusion real quick
that this is a perfect opportunity for the guys to get on board and make a name for them self. So i
called the shops with the small adds in the mag, not the big shops like you would expect. Turned
out to be the best move I made. I was surprised at how much easier it was getting a yes or no out
of them where as when i asked a big company it was like pulling teeth. A real joke i have to say. I
would like to thank all the business that got on board with this build and i suggest you support
the brands and shops also.

So i get the chance to be on set and watch these experts build a car, and that just sounded like a
blast! Once on set (basically a large warehouse decked out real cool) notice lots of lights over
head (HOT inside) and lot of quality tools to use!
If your a car guy and always wanted to meet Chip then you know how i was feeling inside! Only
thing is wish i was going to be a builder and not just a side line phone guy.
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