I want you to have the fastest yet most reliable set of heads on the market.
That is why I say:
More Head For Your Buck" A.J.Sims.
8.34sec @168mph on A.J.Sims Heads.
We have several different levels of heads to pick from.
At any time you need help please call!
From gas saving daily drivers, turbo street monsters, off road beast we
make heads for your combo!

Head Labor only page.
If you need your heads repaired, bored open for 90.5/92 or 94mm cylinders,
or want a full port and polish.
Then check out this page for pricing and info.
Click Here for Head Labor.

Stock Single Port
Stock  replacement heads complete. If your looking to replace your tired
worn out heads but want a quality replacement this is what you need.
Click Here For Single Port Heads

HP Stock Dual Port
35mm x 32mm
This head is a stock replacement or miner up grade. If  your looking to
replace the tired old factory heads but don't want used, or some shops
crappy rebuild attempt on your heads, this is the head for you. All 100%
new and come with performance valve job, opened up for your bore size, de
burr inside edge of chamber and more!
Click Here for HP Stock

HP Big Valve
40mm x 35.5mm
The next step up in valve size over our HP Stock heads. Larger 40x35mm
stainless steel valves with racer 3 angle valve job, larger intake  ports, 3/4"
reach spark plugs and all in a stronger harder casting.
Click Here for HP Big Valve

Builders Prep
40mm x 35.5mm
All the same features as the HP Big Valve but now we prep the heads and
help you with the build. Going one step further than just sending you a nice
head off the shelf. We now talk to you about your combo and size the
chamber to help you get the correct compression.
Click Here for Builders Prep

Turbo Prep
40-42mm x 35.5-37mm
hat if we started with our HP Big Valve heads and set them up for use on a
turbo combo? You Would have one of the best quality  Turbo Prep Heads
on the market!
Click Here for Turbo Prep

Pocket Port
40-44mm x 35.5-37mm
One of the most popular heads was tested hard on the streets  across the
USA for over 50,000 miles. Taken to the max on and off road racers
and has Mutable SCCA & NASA Championships under its belt.
What if you had a high power street car and  want the most power
but with out giving up 1%  of reliability?
You would have a set of our Pocket Port heads on your car.
Click Here for Pocket Port.

Why CNC heads? Because you don't have the time for hand ported heads!
Thats the truth, and we all know it!  We want BIG horse power with out any
down time! We live in a fast food/ drive up generation, and CNC heads is
the way to go.  Now you need to pick what set of CNC heads is best for
your combo and needs. Big ports can give you HP, but if you get them to
big you end up with no air speed so you lose your torque and throttle
response. We worked hard at keeping up the air speed and still make the HP
that all of us want! You just can't beat the new CNC heads!
Click Here for CNC Heads

Bugpack SE Comps and Super Flow heads.

The two biggest and baddest  heads

SE Comps and Super Flows

Call the Shop for info!

Street Pro Heads
The Street Pro Heads give you all the power but with out the loss of
reliability. The next step in our line above the Pocket Port and CNC heads
but not an all out race head like our Pro Heads. These heads will support up
to 235hp N.A. use on our 46x38 valve combos, yet can still drive them to
the track. Large ports, but with full guide boss, and all 100% hand ported
and made in house!
That's what the Street Heads are all about!!!
Click Here

A.J.Sims Pro Heads
The Race Heads range from 42mm intakes all the  way up to 52mm. These
heads are not recommended on street cars with low compression or for daily
driver use. The main focus is to make power......BIG POWER!!
Click Here for Pro Heads
Whether it be with the assist of a turbo, N.O.S. or high compression, I want
you to win at what you are doing, not just attend...Dominate and be the
Best! A.J.Sims!
Need help picking the correct size
head for your combo?
Check out our Head Graph!
Click Here
Need help picking the correct size
head for your combo?
Check out our Head Graph!
Click Here
Need help picking the correct size
head for your combo?
Check out our Head Graph!
Click Here