Hand ported Street Heads from A.J.Sims
35x32     $1250  for the pr complete.
  1600cc to 2007cc small motor combo's or Turbo 1600-1915 that will want responsce!

   40x35     $1450    for the pr complete.                     
  1915cc to 2276cc this is a good turbo head or snapy carb combo. Up to .550" lift use.

   42x37    $1650     for the pr complete.                          
  2007cc to 2387cc   up to .625" lift is ok.

   $1850     for the pr complete.                 
2332cc and up!    up to .625" lift is ok

   46x37    $1975  for the pr complete
2332cc and larger use    up to .675" lift use  K800 springs +.200" longer valves

Hand ported Street Heads
All my work is guaranteed to give you "
More Head For Your Buck" No Fluff & Buff's Here.
Only the best port work for your heads.Big or small we will make your motor work for you!
All 100% hand ported by A.J.Sims

Includes 3 angle valve job. 60*,45* and 30* degrees.
This valve job is performed on a mill, not with stones like the old days!
This will give you perfect stim hight acros  the back of the valves.

The chambers are fully hand shaped
and the valves are completely
But i dont stop there!
Each set of heads are set up for your use.
That means i will make these heads for your motor.
All motors are not the same so wy should all the heads be?

shouldered silicone bronze guides are used.
No short Racer guides here!
Would you give up some flow for the peace of mind of reliabilty?
There are heads out there with short valve guides instaled in them to improve flow numbers so they can brag
about them in there full page adds. Yes this will give a higher numbers on a flow bench but
at what price?I do not cut down the intake to improve flow numbers when it afects your
valve contraol.
Chromoly Retainers.
The retainers i use offer the most installed height avaible.
These  retainers have been tested and proven, on and off the track!

Hardend Valve Keepers
No stock stamped steel parts here, only the best 3grove, hardend, clearnced valve locks for my heads.
The keepers will not rock inside like some others do.

The highest quality yet still light weight stainless steel valves are used.
I use only 2 brands of valves,eather  IVAM that are made Italy or MANLEY that are made in the good old USA.
No other brand will do. Yes all my heads come with the best.

One set of intake gaskets are matched to the ports for you.
This way you dont have to. let me do it for you!

CC's figures are FREE!!
Thats right i will CC your heads and mark them for you.

Your motors compression figures are calculated for FREE!!

Let me know what your deck hight is and i will do the math for you.

Each "spring" is shimmed according to your cam & rocker specs.
Not all at once but each and every valve is shimed one at a time.

A ENGLE  fk10=has .383 lift @ the cam.
Times that by the rockers ratio. in this case we will use 1.4's
Now add the amount befor coil bined. or your safety zone.
This is how it would look: .383 X 1.45 rockers = .555 lift @ the valve. add .100"of safety so the end number is .655" 
or .100" over total lift. This is needed to receive the maximum life and control out of your valve train.We do not want
your springs to coil to hard and shortin the life of then to fast. Yet we do not want to set them up to loose and float your valves and beat up the valve job.

I will match the manifolds for FREE!!
No extra charge.I can custome weld if needid. Thats extra!

Head Casting info:
040 Castings (35x32 heads)
1/2" reach 14mm spark plug wholes.
All Stock sheet metal will fit.
Has all stock cooling fins.

041 castings Have: (40x35, 42x35, 44x37 and 46x38 heads)
�3/4" reach 12mm spark plug holes moved up and over to give more meat so there is less chance of a crack to your plugs.
�Thick solid chamber blocks to disapate heat and if you want to flycut the chambers a lot its no problem.
�Solid rocker blocks so you will not pull out your rocker studs.
�Large port sealing area. less intake leeks.
�All the stock OG cooling fins.
�All stock cooling sheet metal fits.

If you need help picking out the right head for your motor  just give me a call or drop me an e-mail.
Mrkadron@aol.com       To place your Order click here

Hand Ported
Street Heads
heads by A.j.Sims
heads by A.j.Sims
PO.BOX 4343
Orange Ca 92867
If you have any questions  just Call me at the shop 714-639-4284 M-F  9 to 6pm and Sat 10am to 3pm
I want you to have the fastest yet most reliable set of heads on the market.
That is why I say:."More Head For Your Buck" A.J.Sims.
Hand shaped chambers to get the correct CC;s for you!!!
Over 70cc in  with out a Hemi-style chamber! This makes for a fast burn and less timming.
We set up your springs for your cam and rocker combo.
44x37.5 on a 2332 with W140 cam at 11.2:1 made 227hp at 6800rpms