LowBuggets MADE IN THE USA  Oil Pressure Regulator.
This unique regulator will keep a constant 80lb oil psi to your motor at all rpms.
A must on high HP combos that will see over 7500 rpms or on combos with long oil lines
The oil comes out of your pump into the filter then back into the case at your full flow inlet fitting. On that same inlet line you will
"T" off and run one of the  lines into the pressure regulator. If your oil tries to go above 80 lbs the regulator will open and allow the extra oil to re rout back into the sump.
The best part is your pump will try to produce over 120 psi all the time. But our oil pressure regulator will do just that, keep the oil regulated to a perfect and constant 80 psi
Each Oil Pressure Regulator is preset at 80 psi. Each one comes with extra shims if you wish to change the psi..
$74.99 each or 2x for $145

Adjustable Oil By-Pass Filter Mount.
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