Accelerator Pump Adjustment
To adjust the accelerator pump, the motor should not  be
running and you can remove the carburetor if needed. 
This will make it easier to adjust.  Remove the air cleaner from
the top of  the carburetor and locate the accelerator pumps
squirt tube.It is usually made of brass and just to the left side
on the secondary venture.


Verify that it squirts a streamline of fuel instantaneously as you
blip the throttle arm.   If there is any hesitation or lack of fuel
at any time, this will cause a stumble or flat spot during normal
acceleration and driving.  If your carbs are used then read the last line now.To adjust this problem that is common on the installation of most Kadron kits, new and used, first reach around back of carburetor and disconnect accelerator pump arm from throttle body. Just pop it out. 

Now this lets you know the accelerator pump arm location and
"diaphragm resistance".  In the picture you can see that the accelator arm is just to the right of the throttle arm hole, with my pinky keeping the throttle closed. This is what you want. The arm will move from right to left, so you would want the arm to be on the right side of the hole so you will have to force it to the left into the squrit zone.

Now remove any slack  by turning adjustment nuts in or out.

You may need to add something to  space out the large plastic or brass nut to get all the adjustment needed.

Reconnect the accelerator arm to the throttle arm and off you go!!!
This is how to set up for MAX squrit, so if less is what your motor needs than turn the adjusting nut more in, not out.

Now if your motor is at  idle and the brass pipe is dripping than you will need to adjust the accelerator nuts in more.Do this untel the dripping stops.
If the dripping dose not stop than you may have high fuel pressure or a bad needle valve or float.visit the
Help Page for more info.

If your carbs are used then you may need to check if there is a "check ball" under the squirt brass pipe. If your carbs are missing them or just one
than call me.
I have them in stock, and yes you do need them for the Kadrons to work.

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