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The MSD 6A-Series Ignition is a capacitive discharge, multiple sparking ignition that will improve the driveability and performance of every day drivers to weekend warriors.
6A (no rev limiter)
Same features as the 6A but the MSD 6AL has a revlimiter and Includes rubber shock mounts and modules for 3,000, 6,000, 7,000, and 8,000 rpm. limiter. (You can order other RPM chips)
The MSD Digital-6 Plus Ignition Control combines terrific power, digital accuracy and great accessories making it ideal for street/strip applicationsSwitch between two rev limits that adjust with rotary switches in 100 rpm increments. Single stage retard for nitrous and top end performance. Start retard eases pressure on the starter, flywheel and engine. Adjustable magnetic pickup compensation produces accurate trigger signals. LED display warns of trigger signal problems or faulty charging system.
Pro-Billet Distributors from MSD
Pro-Billets are made CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.
Provides stable operation through 10,000rpm.
Mechanical advancement for optimum timing performance.
A high output magnetic trigger that plugs into any MSD ignition.
MSD Heli-Core Ignition Wires for VW! 8mm Blue
MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor VW Wires Red.
The Pro Power HVC coil  for 6 Series ignition controls.
40,000 voilts from MSD!!!
The 6 BTM is ideal for engines with a turbo or supercharger. Not only will the engine benefit from MSD's full power CD sparks, but there is also an adjustable boost/timing retard circuit to prevent detonation.
The 7AL-2 has been a staple in the drag race community for years. It has now been redesigned with a 40% increase in spark energy! It also features a popular two-step rev control, LEDs for troubleshooting and convenient terminal strips for easy wiring.
The RPM Module Selector plugs directly into the rpm module socket on all MSD Soft Touch Rev Controls and accessories that use plug-in mod­ules. The user can then select between
6,000 too 8,200RPM's (up or down 200rpm's)
The MSD Module Selectors allow you to choose two or three dif­ferent rpm limits that can be activated at different times. With this ability, the possibilities are endless.As an example, we’ll use a drag car with a Three Step Module Selec­tor plugged into the rpm socket of a 7AL-2 Ignition. The different rpm modules are activated when 12 volts are applied to a corresponding wire. By connecting one wire to the line-lock circuit, one module will be activated during the burnout. This helps keep tire temperatures consistent. When the line-lock button is released, the limit turns off. When you’re on the starting line, you can activate the second limit through the clutch or trans switch. This provides a steady and consis­tent rpm for firm holeshots every time. When no modules are selected, the remaining high limit is active to protect the engine in the event of driveline failure. The Two Step works the same, but only with two different limits.The Module Selectors can also be used with an MSD Timing Control. By plugging the Selector into a retard module socket, you can acti­vate different retard amounts at select times. This is a great feature for engines being upgraded to a multi-stage nitrous system. With the addition of an RPM Activated Switch, you can use the Two Step to activate a shift light at different rpm.The Module Selectors must be used with an MSD Soft Touch Rev Control or a Timing Controller with a high-speed retard module. No rpm or retard modules are supplied.
Module Kit, 6000 Series, Even Increments
Module Kit,6000 Series, Odd Increments
Module Kit, 7000 Series, Even Increments
Module Kit, 7000 Series, Odd Increments
Module Kit, 8000 Series, Even Increments
Module Kit, 8000 Series, Odd Increments
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