Next Event for the LowBugget 165Class is March 13-2016
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So what is all the talk about???
We all want to race in any class that is heads up, and with the current trend to campaign a class built
around each of our own cars!  Not all of us that race can and want to make changes to our cars each year.
So, looking for a class that was able to include most all of our car's looks like a good start!
We thought it would be a great idea to look for some kind of a racing equalizer.........

Follow the trend!
One of the fastest growing classes in most heads up style racing is a spec class. When you can place a
common denominator on all the competitors that can help determine the outcome or structure of the
race, you know its going to be competitive. In this case, we looked at other sanction bodies for influence.

What about spec tire drag racing?
So our first thought was a small slick class. But that would be dangerous do to the speeds you can
achieve with slicks and also not limit the cars as much as we would like to see.
We would need a class that race cars and street cars can compete in side by side! So the next thing to
think about was a DOT/slick class. The only thing is if its going to be a street/slick class, we are back to
high speeds in no time Again the limiter is not limiting! We need a 100% street tire for the class.

What size?
So what is a good size or width of street tire to use? After some investigating and talking with other
racers with street cars and some of the older racers from the past one size was talked about over and
over , a 165 tire. The same size as what came on all our VW's originally!

How cool is that?
"Yep" we have come full cicrle  with the tires! Kinda strange to think that we will race on a small 165 tire.
How fast can you go? 9 or maybe dip into the 8's in the 1/8 mille on something that small? Well Dan clicked
off a 7.52 on correct size 165 spec tire! For you 1/4 guys that equates to a high 11 seconds in the 1/4 mile.
A 11 SEC PASS ON A 165!

Turbo, NOS or what ever you think will work!
OK so we have a tire size now we will only run 1/8 mile that will help keep the speeds down. One of the
other things good about a 1/8 mile only races is more powerful cars like turbo or NOS combs will not
dominate.  So sounds like we are on the wright track for a fun class for all!

In a nut shell!
What we have is 165 tire class that would allow us to match up street cars, race cars or whatever VW air
cooled you have, as long as its NHRA legal. Aspirated, Turbo or NOS it's OK.
Click here for more on the rules.

You can order the tires from most VW parts stores. Here is a short list of  some suppliers.

In the picture below is info from Empi. Notice the part number and model number for the correct tire to
use in the class.
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We want your input. If you have an idea or have a question just ask.
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From all of us in the 165Class.....DON'T BE SCARED!

A word from The 165Class sponsor! is proud to announce we are sponsoring the 2016
165Class at the Hot VWs Drag Day & Bug-In events. We look forward to this
extremely fun heads up 1/8 mile drag racing class is in its fourth year of
competition. Simple rules like any size engine and power adder, this makes
the class available to almost anyone and any air cooled vw vehicle. The
required 165 rear tire keeps the racing close and even. Special prizes for the
best burn out and low et insure maximum entertainment for fans and racers.
Contact www. for rules, dates and more info.