165Class is back for the 2016 year, only making two shows (for now!) Drag
Day and Bug-In so the last race at Irwin Dale should be a blast!! This year we
have LowBugget.com on board to help out with some cool prizes to give
out to racers and winners!! Thank you LowBugget.com

Big thank you to our new class sponsor Fast Fab. Check out there web site
FastFabOnline.com let them know you found them thanks to the

Bug-In 39 had a full NK165 field. Jesse Hardin qualified # 1 and Robert
Martinez qualified # 2 . Jesse beat Robert in the final  with a 7.859@89.53 to
a 7.981@86.72 in a close side by side race. Ben was running hard all day,
but mechanical problems kept him out of the semi-final round. Like to give
a BIG thank you to Chico Performance Racing for donating winner cash

Video's are up!
We posted some links from YouTube of a few 165Class Members making
pases down the strip, check them out!
Click Here

If your a 165Class Member and have not received your Member sticker flag
down A.J.Sims at the next race, slap it on and wear it proudly!

A.J.Sims WINS!
Great showing with new members and some real close racing with
11 cars
showing up!  We had 3 cars dip in the 7's with Ben setting a new class
record of 7.77 Jessi ran some real fast times of 7.92 and A.J ran his best
with a 7.82  New class member Robert was clicking off some low 8's right a
way and Dan was now one of the fast guys to keep a look out for! This was
the largest turnout and with half of the field only 1/2 second apart from
each other made for some action packed heads up racing!.  Special thanks
to our class sponsor Benco for all there support.

Ben from
Benco wins the first race for 2013 and clicks off some fast times.
We had 9 cars show up to race the 165Class at Drag Day. One car had
problems stooping and unfortunately made contact with a poll on the top
end. Dylan Venegas joined us 165ers with his new 2387cc turbo beast,
harder than it looks Dylan did a 720 in his race car but kept it off the wall!
Now that was some driving! Big news of the day was the tight racing going
on. The three top cars ran 8.13, 7.91 and a smoking 7.89 laid down by Jesse
Hardin with a close final race between Jesse and Ben with Ben taking the
win with a 7.92 @91mph over Jesse 7.96 @86mph. This is Ben's first win in
the class and he looked like he was enjoying it!

Well the last race of 2012 Was strong showing with A.J.Sims in his turbo
fastback pulling off a win over Jesse Hardin in  his all motor bug in the final
when Jesse got the big RED Bulb lit! Congrats to A.J and his crew!

7- 15-12
The Boys did it again. If this was a championship points year
Anthony Hernds would be blowing away the competition.  They graded 1st
place again. Here is the results from Hot VW's Drag Day.
1st Anthony Hernds - Rosemead, Ca.$500
2nd Ben Berniklan - Riverside, Ca.$100
$100 first in the 7's Ben Berniklan
2x 165 tires to largest burnout Ben Berniklan
Its looking like a 1, 2 punch for Anthony but can he hold down the new
comers for the next race? I know Ben is going to step it up for the last race
of the year!

On a test and tune night Back on 7-2-12 Anthony Hernds clicked off a fast
pass of  7.73 @ 87.71mph with a set of NK165 tires. WOW! Now thats
stepping it up a notch! Check out the video.
Click Here

So now we got
$$$-Money-$$$ added to the 165Class pot! $500.00 to first
place, $100.00 to second place. Thanks to 407 Speed Shack and Benco
Transmission for the money donations. Still giving away 2x 165 tires to the
largest burnout that were donated from Empi! LowBugget will give $100 to
the first to brake into the 7's. So the winner can walk away with up to $600
and a set of 165 tires!

WE are back! Yes it's time for round number #2 of the 165 class.
This next race  is back at Irwindale July 15 2012.  The first race was real
close with the finales between 1st Anthony Hernds - Rosemead, Ca.
2nd Ben Berniklan - Riverside, Ca. Some tight racing in the low 8's So who
will be the first into the 7's on a 165?

I talked my dad (Mr.Sims) into racing the class! It wasn't that hard, i said:
Dad if i get you some 165 tires would you run in the class? He said OK! So
your newest member is my dad! How cool would that be to face him one of
the rounds or in the finale!

Well looks like after all the tracks closing all at once the Bug-In is back!
The Bug-In will be held on Sunday April 29th, 2012 at Irwindale drag strip. So
get your cars in shape for the first race!

We got it! Just received the tire test kit. This kit is used to check tires if
they have been treated or have a altered surface. I just love gadgets!
One of the things  we have talked about is jacking "up" one side of the
members race car  to check for open diffs. It seams people are over
looking  the rules and trying to find ways to bend them, all i can say is, think
about your combo, what it will take to make your car go down the track the
fastest with what has been placed in front of you!

Check it out, we now have 13 cars with Paul Sarnecki and his 1968 bug that
has a 1915cc combo with turbo and NOS. This thing is a beast! Hope you
have fun Paul with the class! This just might be the car to beat!

Happy New year!
Back at work for the new year and just want to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Ok now 11 members with Eric Outland now coming out with his 1966 chop
top. Has a Turbo powered 2110cc. This beast has run in the low 6's in the
1/8 mile. He wants all to know that its also for sale! Good luck E-Rock!
Whats new and news,
for the 165Class!