First off this class is built for the racers by the racers. If its not talked about in the rules then ask.
The reason for the tire in this class is not for you to find a way to cheat with it, but to make you as the
driver, work around it.
This is going to be a no tolerance class. So we stress to you to play with in the rules 100% of the time.
There is no "Gray Area". If your close to braking a rule then please make the change. This includes
twisting and/or misinterpret of any and all rules.
Don't make us remove you from the class.
This class has Two officials that will have a final say. A.J.Sims and Benjamin Berniklau So at any time ask
for help!

Last Updated 2-3-15 (No changes for 2016)
1. Must use 2x Nankang CX668 165/80-R15 tires in the rear with a minimum of 20psi. This can also be checked by
other racers. All tires must have min tread depth of 4/32" or new tires will be required. Max rim with of 5 1/2", minimum
rim with of 4 1/2".

2. No spraying, soaking, dipping or modifying of the tires ever. Large burnouts are OK. No modifying of the tires shape
or look. This includes the use of tire dressing or tire shine products are prohibited.

3. Tires Must be new or purchased AFTER 2013 year. We may ask for the tires manufacture date code off of each tire.

4. Only one power adder. Nitrous, Turbo, Supercharger etc. Can not combine.

5. No form of Anti-Shocker/Shift-Dampener can be used at all.

6. No use of Progressive Nitrous Controllers. Manual, mechanical or electronic are not allowed. No use of Variable
Boost Controllers. Manual, mechanical or electronic are not allowed. Only 1x stage of NOS or 1x level of boost can be
Nitrous Example that is NOT allowed: Small shot/jet in first gear then larger NOS shot/jet in the other gears.
Turbo Example that is NOT allowed: Low boost in first gear then more boost in other gears.

7. All combos can run pump gas, race gas, methanol, alcohol and E85. No Nitro.

8. Class will run 1/8 mile only. Any track that is a 1/4 mile will be cut down to 1/8 mile.

9. No Tow vehicles.

10. .400 PRO Light.

11. We will use a Pro Ladder, based off of number of cars unless the ladder needs to be altered.

12. No Spools, ZF Diffs and/or Quaife diffs or Poor Mans Posi. Only stock "non welded" diff, Beef-a-diff or Super Diff
are allowed.

13. TRACTION CONTROL: Not Permitted & Strictly Prohibited.  

14. WHEELIE BARS: Wheelie bars prohibited

15. ALL WHEEL DRIVE: Not permitted.


17. If at any time you cross the center line or brush the outer wall or centre starter/tree wall you will be disqualified    
from the class for that event and be placed on a two race probation. If you repeat during that probation period you   
will be removed from the class for the remaining races of the year.

18. Minimum car and driver weight 1650lbs

19. No adding of extra weight to your car unless under a class minimum 1650lbs. This includes, extra weight bars or
ballast, extra battery's, spare tire, gas can, tool box etc. These type of items can't be in or mounted to the cars during
any races. If under minimum 1650lbs and need to add weight to car. Weight must be securely mounted minimum of 6"
in front of "B" and 6" behind "A" pillar.

20. No use of A rev-limiter or staging limiter off the line or during pre staging. You can have a max RPM or
high-side limiter and a limiter for burn outs is OK.

21. All racers must display 165class Member stickers on both sides of the car and all class sponsor
stickers clearly on side facing main grandstand at all events.

New for 2015 is a protest procedure. If you think a racer is cheating and you want that car or driver
checked you will be required to post $100 before they are inspected. If you are correct in your protest and
the driver/car is found to be cheating then you keep your $100. If the racer is not found to be cheating
then he will keep your $100. It is your responsibility to contact Ben or A.J to proceed with a protest.

These rules can and will change at any time. This can take place before, during or after any event.

Do you have an idea on a rule or a question?
If so please contact us!

Place a quarter into several tread grooves
across the tire. If part of Washington's head is
always covered by the tread, you have more
than 4/32" of tread depth remaining, your OK!