Also included in all our kits:
All the silicone boots of the correct size, 8x correct size USA made
stainless "T" clamps, boost lines and fittings for the turbo, wastegate
and carb to connect. Stainless steel AN -4 oil feed line kit and stainless steel AN
turbo drain line and fittings. (bug 1600T, 2000T do not have room for stainless
line so rubber line is used) A carburetor linkage connector, AN -6 fuel-in
connector and all nuts & bolts are also included. We even give you a tube of
exhaust sealant for the exhaust pipes. "Yes, no gaskets on turbo systems".
Comes with washable gauze air cleaner that you can re-use over and over. Most
important 6 days a week tech support! These are complete kit's. We recommend
a good fuel pump like our Turbo Pump, a boost gauge, throttle cable and good
set of seat belts! We also offer Fuel Injection and complete install at our shop in
Orange Ca.

Things you can add to your kit as we build it!

All kits come standard in black ceramic or polished ceramic coating at no extra

Cool Options.
Boost Controllers Add a Turbonetics Boost Controller to your order.
Wastegate Options:Add a Turbonetics Evolution 38mm Wastegate. Add $280
Change to a Turbonetics RG45, 45mm wastegate Add $430
Have your wastegate Ceramic Coated. Add $75
Crank case E-Vac:
Add Crank Case E-Vac to any of our turbo kits. Used on drag race or high rpm
The check valve will help suck out the extra crank case pressure. Add $75
O-2 sensor bung:
1x 02 sensor bung for use with a Air/Fuel meter (comes with plug) . Add $65
Replace with a genuine Turbonetics Turbo
We will talk to you about your combo to pick the perfect size Turbonetics turbo for you!!
T3 family. Fast spool-up, good for combos that are still a 100% street car, up to 250hp add $649.99
T3/T4 hybrid
 large shaft, Good for Street/Strip combos, up to 425hp use. Add $699.99
For fast spool-up we can add Ceramic Ball Bearing to your Turbonetics turbo. Add $400
 with Ceramic Ball Bearing. BIG HP use only! Good for 500+hp Use Add $1200
Note all Turbonetics turbos come with polished compressor and 1 year warranty.

Turbo Options
Turbo Blanket to keep heat out. (black) Add $150 for T3 and T3/t4 or Add $170 for T4
Ceramic Coat exhaust housing of turbo.
Add $105, Good idea on street combos.
Ceramic Coat turbo centre  
Add $85

Add a Muffler to any of our turbo kits.
Add a Street Muffler to your turbo kit. Includes Ceramic Coating. Add $365
Add a Ceramic Coated  Billet-Look Muffler to your drag race or off road kit Add $225
Add a Stainless Steel Bullet-Look muffler to your drag race or off road kit Add $265
Electronic exhaust Cut out. The ultimate upgrade.
This gives you the option to have the exhaust go through a muffler or with the flip of a switch have the
exhaust exit straight out for that loud hot rod sound.
Add $340, Note must be ordered with a muffler.

Carb Options
Upgrade to a all aluminium street/strip 4 barrel carb with double Adjust-adjusts-jet for up to
Add $475
Polished 2 barrel carb manifold Add $115
Polished 4 barrel manifold Add $130
Ceramic coat 2 barrel manifold Add $65 4 barrel Add $85
Add NOS ports to any manifold Add $65 each port. Weld, drill, tap 1/8"NPT
Off road needle and seat in two barrel.
Add $40
or for 4 barrel Add $75 (2x off road needle and seats.)

MSD Programmable electronic ignition , We wright first MAP!! 3 rev-limiters, -25* Start retard, -25*
Boost retard, Drag and Street settings built in!!
Add $590

Draw-Throu Electronic Fuel Injection with Fuel Install Kit
4 barrel system. Add to any of our kits. kit $1649
2 barrel system draw through add to any of our kits $1399
Blow-Throu Electronic Fuel Injection.  
Can only be added to Manx/Off Road system and the Bus, Ghia
kits. Includes complete fuel injection system with fuel install kit and Top-Hat, boots, Clamps, piping,
Pro-Gate Blow-Off valve to complete build.
Add $2240
I have this same system in my 300+hp 2332cc fast back, 25.31mpg and is a beast!

Turbo Fuel pump for use with all our carb turbo kits. Good for 350hp  Add $95

Water Methanol Injection kit. Add $549.99 Get race gas all the time on pump gas. Up to 25lbs boost on
pump gas,,so much fun and for a lot less than race gas!!

Change out your stock fuel line for 400hp
3/8" aluminium fuel line 25 feet Add $45

VDO Boost gauges.
0-20psi of boost with 30" of - vac gauge Add $60

Bug, Ghia and Off-Road Boost line 15' feet long for use with boost gauge. Add $45
20' Boost Line Kit for Bus Add $65

Crank Trigger Street kits from start at $140

Add one of our locked out  009 turbo distributors to your order Add $110

Stock End Castings
.(kits do not come with end castings) Add $90 pair
Turbo End-Castings
with 1 5/8" large ends welded on. Good for up to 325hp use Add $150 pair
2" Turbo End-Castings
with extra weld for large port heads. Good for up to 425hp use Add $325
Polish the End-Castings
add $115
Add a set of our BIG Power
Plenum Boxes for stock and SE Comp/SF heads!
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