I have had my bug for over 10 years now.
Originally it was candy apple red with stock rims and  no interior.
The funny thing is  that when I was  dropped off by friend to buy the car i had
$800 in my pocket and no way home. I was set on buying this car which did not help.i knew it wasn't a good car but I still wanted it so bad. The night before i was up late reading "How To Buy A Bug" and memorizing all the things to look out for. This car "FAILED" all of them and failed them bad.

When I test drove the car i had  the intention to just survive.  You see I didn't
know how to drive a stick. But I went ahead and bought the car anyways as the dealer was over 10 miles from my home.

One thing was for sure, if you were stuck in traffic on the 22 Fwy in California back in 1989  with me, you were thinking one of two things:
  1.  Is that young kid going to figure out how to work that clutch?
  2. With that big grin on his face, he must be smoking something.
You see for the first time, I was driving "my" car that day.
Not moms or dads, "my" car. And that put the biggest smile on "MY" face ever.
Being stuck in stop and go traffic made me learn how  to drive a stick !
Back then the power came
from 1641cc (3rd one,i
normally blow them up)with
single high rev springs,one 36mm Dellorto
carb,009 with stripped
points and a lead foot.
I have always had good
power and good music
in my cars.Nothing like
a fast car with a little
Iron Maiden or Metallica
testing your ear drums!
These are from 96 and 97
If you had your car
detailed by me this
is what i came driving
up in.I still use the
steering wheel and
shifter in my race
car now.
notice the nice
tan on the legs?
I lowered the car by removing all but 4 leaf springs in each beam
With the use of  a 19mm sway bar and 195-50s up front and 205-60s
at the rear the the car was a blast to drive.
Thank you for checking out this page.
I made it for my fans.Hope you have fun
with the history of the LOW BUGGET drag bug!!!
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