Stock Valve port with the Angle-D 35x32
stock retainers,keepers,and valves.High-rev single springs.

*Include 3 angle valve job. 60,45 and 30 degrees.
*The chambers are fully shaped and the valves are completely unshrouded. That results in a less restricted
*Only shouldered silicone bronze guides are used.
*One set of gaskets are perfectly matched to the ports.
*CC's figures are
*Your motors compression figures are calculated for
*Each set of heads is shimmed according to your cam & rocker specs.
"Example" fk10=has .383 lift @ the cam X 1.45 rockers = .555 lift @ the valve. I would set at: .655  or .100 over total lift.
This is needed to receive the maxim life and  control out of your valve train.
*I will match your manifolds up-to 3" inside the manifold for FREE!! or you may purchase a pair.
*Shipping + $5 box charge and tax not included. Call for more info.      
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A.J.Sims Heads
A.J.Sims Heads