We are the only high volume performance shop that  will take each and every Mahle piston and balance all
of them for no extra charge. It doesn't matter if you order stock 85.5's or a set of our Slip-In 94's, we will still
balance all four pistons. Each set from LowBugget.com is identical in weight and all work is performed in-
house. Other shops have cheaper pistons sets but we have the real deal on "balanced" real Mahle kits!
Balanced Complete Mahle set includes:
4X Forged Mahle Pistons you pick size. We match their weight.
4X Mahle Barrels.
4x Complete sets of performance chrome top Mahle rings.
4x Mahle wristpins with stock clips.

A=non stroke
(1776, 1835, 1915cc)
B=stroked (2110, 2276, 2332, 2387cc)

Different sizes available:
85.5 A's $429.99

90.5 A's $429.99                   90.5 B's $429.99

92   A's $429.99                     92 B's   $429.99

94   A's $429.99                      94 A's  $429.99

4x "Real" Mahle Barrel's only.$239.99
90.5              92              94

4x Mahle Pistons, Rings, Stock clips and wrist pins. (No Barrels) $259.99
90.5 A          90.5 B

92 A             92 B

94 A             94 B

1x replacement Mahle piston with rings and 1x wrist pin and 1x barrel. $149.99
90.5 A          90.5 B

92 A             92 B

94 A             94 B

True-Up The Barrels.
Most barrels will require them to be turned if you want them to be perfect. 90% of engine
builders do not check there barrels for out of round or if they are tapered from top to bottom.
99% of new kits are OK out of the box for most engine builders and basic engine combos.
We can machine them true with-in .0005” from top to bottom.  We can also size your barrels
for use with after market pistons like Wiseco and other brands that need extra piston to barrel
Re-Size 4x barrels and Tru-Up
add $125

94mm pistons cut to fit into  90.5 /  92 mm bore case.
Why would you want to do this?
The main benefit to these clearance barrels is strength on the case side. If your application is
going to use High Compression, NOS or Turbo  this will leave more material around each head
stud, lessening the chance of each stud wanting to pull out of the case or starting a crack.
Adding this extra material around each stud will increase the cases strength and rigidity.  Yes if
you have a 1776cc, 1835cc, 1903cc, 1967cc, 1955cc, 2007cc, 2016cc, 2020cc, 2084cc, 2110cc or
2180cc using 90.5 or 92 piston & barrels and want to step up to 94mm piston and barrels without
splitting the case then we have the kit for you!
(You will still need to machine the heads for std 94mm bore)
Complete set of Slip-In barrels, balanced pistons,rings, wristpins and std clips
94 A                      94 B

Slip-in 94mm Mahle Barrels only ( no pistons) $309.99 a set of 4.

Piston notching
From 32mm to 50mm.
up to .250" deep.
40x32 $140.00
40x35 or 37 $145.00          
42x37 $160.00
44x37 or 38 $175.00
46 to 50mm from $190.00

Gas ports
For turbo or high compression use.
Helps per mote ring sealing better.
1 set of 4 pistons.
6 holes
8 holes $150.00       
12 holes $175.00

94mm Long Barrels
84mm and larger stroke combos will need longer barrels. We can cut to size..

Thick Wall 94mm long barrels for turbo or NOS use.

Custom machine the bottom of barrels to lessen deck volume.
(move piston out)
remove from 0.001" to over .400"Off.
Now you can get the correct deck height! Please give amount to remove.
Add $120 to your order.

TRU-ARC wristpin clips
Set of 8  $9.99  

Teflon Buttons
90.5, 92 or 94mm

Light weight wristpin's
-20grams lighter than Standard Mahle wristpins. Made from Tool steel.
Set of 4x

Grant Piston rings set.
Cast Iron top ring. Good for used barrels, Fast brake-in.
Please give top ring size when placing your order.
Complete set

Mahle Performance Piston Ring set.
Chrome top ring. Good for turbo, NOS or hi-compression use. Long last.
1.5mm and 2mm top ring. Please give top ring size when placing your order.
Complete set

Total- Seal second rings set.
Good for turbo, NOS or hi-compression use.
Please give top ring size when placing your order. (1.5mm or 2.mm)

Total-Seal full/complete ring set.
Please give top ring size when placing your order. (1.5mm or 2.mm)
Chrome Top ring

94mm piston Kit with rings,
clips and wrist pins
(no barrels.)
Gas Ports and Notching