94mm pistons cut to fit into  90.5 or  92 mm bore case.
This way you don't have to split the case to build a 94mm motor.
If you have a 1776cc, 1835cc, 2007cc, 2110cc and want a 1915cc, 2165cc, 2276 size
motor but do not want to open the case than these are the pistons kits for you.
Only the bottom is cut for clearance.
This is also good for mag case with 10mm studs that you want to install 94mm pistons.
Leave the case 90.5/92mm and still bore the heads 94mm.
This will not affect reliability or longevity. Only the vary bottom of the barrel is trimmed
smaller on the outer diameter . This is not a new thing and has been used of years now.

Each set includes:
4x New "Balanced" 94mm Mahle pistons.(
A or B)
4x Mahle wrist pins.
4x complete sets of Mahle piston rings.
4x sets of stock wrist pin clips.
4x 94mm Machine down barrels cut to slip-into a 90.5/92mm bored case.

$499.99 set. For non stroker cranks (64, 69,73,74,76,78mm)

$499.99 set.  For stroker crank (78, 80, 82,84mm)

We do offer long barrels for larger combos.

Look at the two picks.
The Blue arrows show the step that is left in by some shops if the case is cut
for  90.5 or 92 bore.
Red arrows show were you will need to clearance for the 94mm's piston lip.
If your case does not have the step than you do not need to clearance.

You will still have to have your heads bored open  for 94mm.
We can do this for you.
More piston options and parts
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