Weber and Empi Carb Kits
Not sure what jet sizes will satisfy your motor? No problem!
We "Jet & Set" our Carb kits for your combo!!
Each Carb kit includes us completely setting up the carbs for your engine combo!
Most shops don't even take the carbs out of the box! If your looking for max MPG and want the
best throttle response then have us curve up a distributor to match your engine combo.

When picking the correct size carbs for your combo its important not to go to big!  A smaller Carb
will give more low-end torque and better throttle response. For high RPM or Horse Power combos
you will sacrifice low-end for more top-end. At no time will we try to push you on the wrong size
Carb, we want you to enjoy your car and be happy with the way it drives. Have questions? Then
ask, the people that really use and drive the parts we sale every day!
Have Fun!! A.J.Sims

Place your order online or give us a call at the shop 714-639-4284
Real WEBER carb kits
with "Jet & Set"

34mm ICT complete kits
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40 & 44mm IDF complete kits

48mm IDA carb kits   
EMPI brand carb kits
with "Jet & Set"

34mm EPC complete kits

40 & 44mm HPMX complete kits

48 and 51mm EPC carb kits
(working on this page now)