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Tech videos
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Tech videos
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Here is a new one for you, its A.J's 1966 VW FastBack with a 2387cc turbo combo
in it on pump gas with 12lbs boost daily driver!

Go around the block in the same turbo FastBack

New video's of my turbo fastback. Have fun!!
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

1,000 hp between these three vws!!
Bad ass vws out for a cruise looking for a race!!

Check out this new video of our 1600T kit on a 2332cc
combo with  exhaust cut out. Flip of a switch pick from
a hot rod beast sound or make all the exhaust come
out a single QP muffler!

Go for a ride in a 1969 bus with one of our 2000TS turbo kits, with a 2165cc combo,
LBC1 cam,T3 turbo, 350 Turbo Prep carb,40x35 heads @7.8:1 all at 4-5lbs of
This is a daily driver, at the time the combo has no muffler on it.
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3.

Go for a ride in the LowBugget Drag bug and make a 10.90 sec pass, Cool in-car
2387cc, 9.1:1, LBC4.5 cam, 35mm intake x 32mm exhaust valves, T3/T4 turbo,
Turbo-Prep 500 carb 12-15lbs boost.
Video #1
Video #2
This one is at Irwin Dale at night make a 7sec pas in the 1/8th mile.
video 1

Check out this new video from inside the LowBugget drag bug with a 1915cc combo
with one of our TB73 turbos at 14lbs boost
video #1
video #2
video #3

Check out this link to Youtube of the LowBugget Drag bug at the 2009 PRA race in
Video #1

Fun video of Drag Day Oct 2009 with my Turbo off road Baja making a pass down
the strip.  Have fun!!!
video #1

Check out a set of A.J.Sims "PRO-HEADS" set the PRA PRO MOD class speed
record in video 1 at over 163mph and 8.64 in the 1/4 mile. Video 2 is the 8.34sec
pass at over 169mph, You can only do this with big power and reliability. With a set of
A.J.Sims "PRO-HEADS" Eric Calabrese was able to drive his 1957 Red Baron bug
to the 2007 and 2008 PRA points championship.
Big congrats to Eric Calabrese and the Red Baron crew for all ther hard work from
there small 2276cc turbo combo with A.J.Sims
check out this car make the winning pass at the PRA finals.
Video 1 click here
Make a 8.34 pass in AZ Video 2 click here

Check out one of our 2387cc turnkey combos on the dyno.
86x94mm, LBC3 cam, 42x37 Pocket Port, at 8.0:1Std Bug 2000TS kit with the
larger power making T3/T4 turbo.
(sweet sound) Made  228hp @ 5200rpms  and  
237tq @ a low 3500rpms Avg of 191hp from 3500rpms to 5200rpms Avg of 226tq
from 3500rpms to 5200rpms All this was on 91 pump gas!!!
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Go for a ride in a turbo 1970 bug.
2054cc motor. Pocket port 40x35 heads,LBC 3 cam, 7.8:1
Has our 1600T kit, with the larger   500 carb std T3 turbo and over 40,000 miles on it.
At 8lbs of boost on "pump gas."
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Check out this one of the same bug but now with one of our new 2110 "long last
Has a LBC1 cam,42x37 Pocket Port, set at 7.8:1.
Same turbo kit as befor (1600T kit with holley 500, t3 turbo and on pump gas.)
about 5lbs of boost (but will spike to 7lbs). I am driving the car with my right hand and
holding the camra with my left!
Notice how the motor drives on vac the whole time.
You only get on boost with our kits when you need it!
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