Turbo Change-Over complete kits $1999.99
If you plan to make the switch over to turbo there is a few things you should change and not just the cam!!!
LowBugget.com has piece together a complete kit to make it easy for you to change any carb combo over to turbo.
Change a stock 1600cc size motor or larger combo like a huge 2387cc combo and make it take full advantage of any
new turbo system and be safe. Its not just the parts, its what is done to the parts!!

1x set A.J.Sims hand built TURBO PREP HEADS
We start with a set of our Turbo Prep 40mm x 35.5mm Heads that are built by A.J.Sims that come with these features:
* Good for 250hp use!
* Dual Port type 1 head
* Fits without modifications to your stock sheet metal.
* 3/4" reach 12mm spark plug holes moved up and over to give more meat so there is no chance of cracks.
* Thick solid chamber blocks to dissipate heat from a turbo combo.
* Solid rocker blocks so you can't pull out/crack the rocker studs like the old days.
* Performance 3 angle long last, high flow valve job. (No cheep single angle valve job with our heads)
* Stainless Steel 40mm intake valve x 35.5mm exhaust valves
* Dual High-Rev performance long last valve springs for that extra rpm protection.
* Light weight chromoly 4130 spring retainers (stronger than stock stamp steel retainers)
* Hardened heat treated valve keepers. (stronger than stock keepers).
* Aluminum-Silicone-Bronze long last valve guides.
* Bore open for 85.5, 87, 88, 90.5, 92 or 94mm
* Complete hand shaped chamber and chase cc to what your combo needs.
* Top-Off exhaust guides.!! ( on turbos the exhaust guide can get so hot that the guide can flake off and make its way
to your turbo exhaust wheel) can you say BOOM!!
* Each valve spring is shimmed per your cam and rocker combo for the correct spring pressure.
* Oiled and assembled for true bolt-on out of the box set of turbo prep heads!

1x of our LBC Turbo Cams
Each USA Made LBC cam comes pre-clearance'd for use with or without stroker crank combos and is parkerized
coated to help during that first brake-in. All LBC cams are built to brake-in with dual springs. Pick from LBC 1, 2,
3,3.5,4, 4.5, 4.7, 5 and 5.2 Cam.
We can help you pick the correct cam for your combo and use.

1x set LBC Billet Lifters
Can't have a cam this hard with out a strong set of lifters!
The USA Made LBC Billet lifters are perfectly matched and are guaranteed not to pit, flake or cause your LBC cam to
go flat for one full year. Each LBC lifter is parkerized coated. Parkerizing (also called phosphating and phosphatizing)
is a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application
of an electrochemical phosphate conversion coating. This coating helps to guarantee there is no flaking or pitting
during brake-in.

1x set MANTON USA Extra HD Push Rods
Can't have good lifters with out some strong push rods so we supply a complete set of USA made Manton "Real
Chromoly" 3/8" push rods that are good to over 9,000 rpm's and can be used with 400lbs spring pressure!

1x set LBC PRO-SEAL Pushrod Tubes with Silicone Seals
To make the change over easy we use spring loaded PRO-SEAL Billet Aluminum push rod tubes that have a machine
finish and use 2x O-Rings seals so there is no oil leeks
at all. Easy to install as you will install the heads first then
install the push rod tubes after
. Include 16x PRO-Seal silicone seals!!

1x set Forged PRO-ROCKERS 1.25 or 1.4 ratio.
These rocker kits come complete with 3/4" bolt together large shafts, A true 1.25 or 1.4 rocker ratio. Comes with extra  
rocker shaft shims, HD rocker shaft studs, nuts and
Racer lash caps to prevent your valve tips from mushrooming!  
Our LBC 1, 2, 3 and 4 use the 1.25
PRO-Rockers. Our LBC 4, 4.5, 5, 5.2 use the 1.4 PRO-Rockers.

1x set LBC 4130 Chromoly Race Head Studs with Deep #3
Holding it all together is a set of 4130 Chromoly head studs with hardened washers and nuts. With a turbo its real
important to have a strong stud that can keep that clamping force all the time and not stretch or fatigue. They come in
8mm or 10mm and also + 1/2" longer for large stroker combos. (need help just call!)

Complete kit $1999.99 Need help just call!
Heads, cam, lifters,pushrods, pushrod tubes, ratio rockers and head studs!

85.5/87mm kit                        90.5/92mm kit                           94mm kit

We can walk you through building the
perfect turbo combo, just ask!!!!