Just made the Gene Berg cruise from CA to MI and back! Over 5,000 miles avg 25.48 MPG with 113* out side temps in Baker Ca we hit a max of 227* oil temp. The car was dynoed in MI and
made 198hp and 236tq on pump gas "At the wheels"

Info about the combo.
2054cc (74x94), 40x35mm A.J.Sims heads, our LBC3 cam and lifter combo. 1600T turbo kit! 
I ran the car at the DKP IrwinDale drag strip with 7lbs of boost the car ran a best of 8.55@79mph (1/8 MILE) on street tires. This test car now has over 37,000 miles on the motor and runs strong still!!!

Go for a ride in this turbo car Click here
Re-Building the test car... now for looks!