Turbo Questions?

Will adding one of your turbo kits make my car run hot?
No, Our kits are set up to only build boost when you need it. By matching the turbo, header and carb to your
combo we are able to make the boost come on only when you need it or want it. You can drive down the
FWY at 70mph without building boost. This way your not building heat. You can still make boost at a lower
speeds, its up to your right foot to pick when the boost comes on. So you can drive all day with out building
1lb of boost and save gas or drive like a nut with twice the power but less mpg,! its up to you! Cruse past the
school and police officer like you have a 1600 motor but power up the fwy onramp like you have a 3.5L beast!

Is a turbo motor loud like a VW with a stinger?
No. The turbo cuts up the sound and acts like a muffler. They sound like a new Harley or one of the new
Subaru WRX's. A nice deep tone that has a little lope to the idle! On the big motor combos and/or if you have
a large cam you may need to add our muffler option.

Can i change the boost setting on your turbo kit?
Yes. Each one of our kits comes with a 6-30lb boost wastegate. The wastegate can be adjusted  with the use of a boost controller. The boost controller will give you complete control over boost from your front seat if you like.

Are your turbo kits hard to setup?

Not our kits! We completely asemble each kit "twice". We have three dummy mock up motors just for checking
turbo kits. We check for fit and finish of all pipes B-4 sending out to be ceramic coated. Also at this time
we will weld up and install any options you have added. Like the O2 sensor bung or crank case E-Vac valve.
After all the pipes receive there polished ceramic coatings we re-mock up your kit and now install all the other
lines, fittings, boots and brackets. So when you receive your kit its completely assembled for quick and easy install.

Are your kits hard to adjust the carb?

Yes (just joking) The correct aswner is NO, Our kits come with Turbo Prep Holley 350 or 500cfm 2 barrel carb.
The neet thing about our carbs is that they do not use idle or main jets like a  Weber sidedraft carb will.
They have a idle screws that meters the idle and mixture  at the same time. For the main jet we install
one of our Turbo-Adjust-A-Jet main controls. It will alow you to make changes to the main with out ever changing
a single jet! This way all you have to do is turn a screw to make changes to the main and idle jets for your motor. It is so easy to adjust!

What other parts do i need to order with your 1600T,  and 2000TS turbo kits?

A good Fuel pump like our Turbo Pump.
Boost gauge and a line for the gauge.
"Not a big list is it"?

Compression:It works nice as a carb motor so it should  work as a turbo motor?
Turbo's do not like high compression like your standard carb combo. Its not needed and you will not want to have it. Why? The turbo is more efficient at pushing the air and fuel into your motor than your motor is at sucking it in. so if you are going to use only pump gas than you will want to run as much boost as possible on that pump gas. There is a big power difference from only  5lbs and to jump up to say 10lbs of boost. You will want to have the big hp of 10lbs available to you and not the lower 5lbs!
This will all depend on your motors combo and most important the compression you set your combo at. For street use you will want from 7.2 to a max of 8.5 I say keep it from 7.5 to 7.8 for best results.

Will the big cam from my carb combo work with my new turbo kit?

You will not want to have a big cam, But in carb combos its "the bigger the cam the more hp the motor will make" A carb motor needs the the cams extra overlap and duration to reach the high RPM to make its max  power. As a turbo motor you will not need all  that extra overlap and most important the large amount of  duration. Why?  You will not need reach that same high RPM to make its max power. Less rpm means more
reliability but also with a turbo it means more power!

Compare a 1915cc with a carb cam to a 1915cc turbo cam combo.

We will take a 1915 combo with a 120 cam give a quick comparison: As a carb combo it want's to be at 2,500 to 6,000 to make its max power of around 120hp. Max torque is around 105tq.
Usable power band of around 2,000 to 6,000rpm's.

If you take that same motor and try to turbo charge it with say 10lbs of boost you will make max  175hp @ 6,000rpm and max torque of around 160 @ 5,500.  You have a usable power band of 3,500 to 7,500rpm's,(if the motor will stay together up there) but as a turbo it will not need to be up there to make its MAX power. Lets take that same motor and install one of our LBC2 cams. Now it  will make power  from 1,800 to 6,000 with around 200 hp @5,000 and 200tq @ 4,000. What would you want? A motor that turns more RPM to make less power or one that make's more power and turns less rpm?

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