1Main header and "J" pipes. 16 gage with thick flanges, polished ceramic coating.  Has port with block off for external wastegate.Header comes with  4bolt T3 main flange.or 4bolt T4. If you want to run  external wastegate
( for over 15lbs of boost) We use the 2005 EVO wastegate. add $260
2All the Boots and clamps to complete the drag race kit.
3"Y" pipe 16 gage ceramic coated with
1 5/8"and 1 1/2" ends that match stock end castings. For stock end castings add $59.99. Polish the  end castings Add $40
4 Exhaust pipe.  18gage 90* bend that exits out the
back. (shown). If you would like the two-bend exhaust pipe (not shown)  that looks like the off road exhaust pipe
For ceramic coating of the 2 bend exhaust pipe add $45 The 90* and 2 bend Come uncoated. If you want to add
O2 sensor bung so you can hook up a rich/lean monitor.
add $30
Crank case E-Vac  This will help stop your motor from producing extra blowby and oil leaks.  Will keep your motor clean.  Includes 1x Moroso Race Check Valve.This is a must if you have a show rail.add $55
5 Turbo.T3 or T4. all turbo sizing will depend on your motor info. For polished intake/compresser housing
(not shown)add $35
For ceramic coated and polished exhaust housing
( not shown) add $95
6 Intake manifolds
For the Holley carbs we supply a polished aluminum manifold. If you would like  NOS ports add $25 each.
for the side draft manifold there is an oil port to be used to pre-heat the manifold in cold climates. For polished side draft manifold add $30.
Drag Race Turbo Kit's start at $1800 You pic what you want to add!.
Holley 500cfm two barrel comes with the drag race kit. Has boost power valve and jet and setup for your motor combo. Comes with or without mechanical choke. For Adjust-A-Jet main jet add $100

For Weber side draft add $325 for carb only.
The webers carbs have gone up in price, So we offer this kit without carb and manifold for $1500. If you have a side draft that you would like to use we can set it up for you. Add $65 to perform Jet/Setup for turbo use. DCOE aircleaner add $30. for side draft manifold add $100
8 Locked out 009 for turbo use only add $79.99 For Electronic ignition  add $59.99

9 Fuel regulator with fuel pressure gauge includid in kit. All fitings are part of kit.

10 Replacement cable and sheath. Aircraft quality cable. add $25
11 02 Sensor safe Ultra Copper high temp silicone used on all flang ends of the header. add $5

12 All the Nuts, bolts and washers that are needid to complete your kit. add$10

Questions or how to place an order call 714-639-4284
or e-mail

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