VW air cooled turbo oil line kits.  

Turbo Oil feed line kit
1x -4 AN 22" Stainless Steel feed line
1x AN -4 fitting to connect stainless line to case.
1x AN -4 aluminum anodized "T" fitting
1x  1/8" union to screw into your stock psi switch location on the case.
1x AN -4 mounting flange to mount on top were oil is feed to turbo.
Has built in oil psi restriction as needed.  Fits T3 and T4 Turbo's.
Turbo Oil Feed Line kit Black fittings $64.99                                                                     
                                                                Turbo Oil Feed Line kit Blue fittings $64.99

Stainless Turbo drain line kit
1x 18" AN -8 Stainless steel line
1x -8 AN straight fitting,
1x -8 AN 45* fittings
1x male fitting 1/2" NPT to AN -8
1x turbo drain mount that fits T3 and T4 turbo oil drain
1x -8 to npt to mount stock style fuel pump block off to.
1x Fuel pump block off flange to drain back to.
1x aluminum weld-in bung with gaskets. If you need to weld to valve cover, sump, fuel pump
block of etc to drain
Turbo Drain kit Black AN fittings $74.99                                                                             

                                                                  Turbo Drain kit Red/Blue AN fittings $74.99

Turbo feed kit and drain kit combo
Complete kit includes everything necessary to feed and drain
your oil in and out of your new turbo to your VW!

Kit with Black fittings (saves $10.00) $129.99                                                                       
                                                      Kit with Red and Blue fittings (saves $10.00)