Street, Strip or Sand.
Complete turbo systems.
This system is built for off road style cars that have all the room around the engine but not
above. Great for Baja Bugs, Manx style buggy's, and off road sand rails.
Will NOT fit in Bug, Bus, Ghia at all! The standard kit comes set up to run out of the box.

Built to support up to 225hp and comes with these features:
•Header is made from thick 14gauge 1 1/2" piping with 3/8" thick flanges.
•You pick from: Polished Ceramic Coating or Black Ceramic Coating is included.
•Each turbo kit comes with 38mm wastegate. Will support 7-28lbs boost.
•Wastegate dump pipe also ceramic coated.
•"Y" pipe also ceramic coated. The "Y" pipe connects the turbo to your stock end castings.
(Stock end castings are not included in the kit)
• Exhaust pipe is 2 1/2" also ceramic coated and mounts off the turbo with a 3/8" thick flange
with 16 gage piping that makes a 90* single bend.
We can custom make any style exhaust for you, pick from our pictures, add a muffler, its up to
you! Some of the exhaust options are free!
• We can add a O2 sensor bung for wide band rich/lean monitors
add $45
(Also includes the 02 plug  for when 02 is not in use)
•We can add Crank Case E-Vac
add $65.  This will help stop your motor from producing extra
blow by and oil leaks.  Will keep your motor clean.  Includes 1x  Race Check Valve. It is a good
idea to have sand seal with this set up. Recommended on high HP combos. No muffler.
• New 225hp T3 turbo is standard, comes carbon sealed for draw-through use, good for fast
spool up and response.
•Custom hand made brushed aluminum manifold with 3/8" thick CNC carb flange and extra
support mount. This is 100% Tig welded and looks like a work of art!
• Each kit comes with our famous Turbo Prepped TP350 (good for up to 225hp use) or TP500
(good for up to 275hp use) Each carb is built to not have any jets to change, so they have
simple turn-of-a-screw adjustments. The TP carbs will automatically add extra fuel when on
boost and protect the engine from lean condition. So they drive like a non turbo combo with
smooth throttle response.  All of our carbs come with boosted fuel rich setting that will increase
the amount of fuel once above 2psi of boost. They are a true daily driver carb that can run like
a standard carb but give the amount of fuel needed for up on boost.

Also included in our kits:
All the silicone boots of the correct size, 8x correct size USA made stainless "T" clamps, AN -3
Stainless steel boost lines and fittings for the turbo, wastegate and carb to connect. Stainless
steel AN -4 oil feed line kit and stainless steel AN -10 turbo drain line and fittings. A carb
linkage connector, AN -6 fuel connector and all nuts & bolts are also included. We even give
you a tube of exhaust sealant for the exhaust pipes. "Yes, no gaskets on turbo systems"
•Comes with washable gauze air cleaner that you can re-use over and over.
Most important 6 days a week tech support!
This is a complete kit. We recommend a good fuel pump like our turbo pump, a boost gauge,
throttle cable and good set of seat belts!

Manx/Off Road kit as listed above.

Manx/Off Road kit as listed above with larger T3/T4 hybrid turbo, 3" exhaust pipe, TP500 carb.

Manx/Off Road kit with Turbonetics T3/T4 hybrid Super T04E Large shaft turbo, 3" exhaust
pipe, Turbonetics Evolution 38mm wastegate, TP650 aluminum carb.

Manx/Off Road kit with Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing LARGE T4 T04B turbo with 4"
Exhaust pipe, Turbonetics RaceGate 45mm wastegate, 4x barrel TP750 aluminum race carb,

For more options on your kit
click here
a look from the rear, wrap-around exhaust.
black ceramic coating and a muffler.
90* manifold and black ceramic coating
90* manifold and a wrap around exhaust pipe.
polished, 2x bend exhaust
90* carb manifold with polished exhaust and a shop helper!
wrap around exhaust around the back of the header, no coating in this pic
built on a 911 shroud with 2x bend exhaust and large carb and turbo