What is turbocharging and wy should you add a turbo  to your vw?

By using the energy contained in the exhaust from the engine, the turbocharger drives the turbine that rotates at a vary high speed, which in turn brings the compressor impeller on the same shaft of the turbine into high velocity rotation. When the air is pressed into the engine cumbustion chamber by the compressor, the air's total volume is increased for a more complete combustion. This then will help so that the power of the engine is boosted and the fuel consumption is reduced. At the same, pollution can also be minimized because of improved combustion and lowered emission of harmful substances in the exhaust that would have been wasted.
"In basic words"
With turbochargers, the exhaust gas energy which would normally be wasted is now used to drive the turbos turbine wheel, which in turn drives a compressor wheel to deliver the now compressed air to the engine.

The advantage of a turbocharged engine over a naturally aspirated engine:
. Lower fuel consumption (my 2054cc turbo avg 25.48mpg and makes over 220 hp and 260 torque)
. Lower emissions for all.
. More torque characteristics at lower engine speeds.
. Lower engine noise than with the same HP from a naturally aspirated motor.
. Smaller engine packages to make the same power or more.
Lets say one of your best vw friends is talking about his new motor combo.
This motor has:
86mm crank, "H" beam rods, FK89 cam, 1.5 roller rockers, 48x40 comp heads with 12.0:1 compression and a 1 7/8" header?

You would think this thing is going to "ROCK" Its a Honda eater for sure!!!

But then he says he is going to run a single 30pic solex carb on it..........?  and it will rev to the moon and make 200hp!
you would say:
" WY are you wasting your time? take that carb off of there"

Well when you drive a turbo car you will think the same about IDA motors.
Yes you can try so.... hard to brake that 200hp or more mark with your $1300 IDA's  and then spend $6000, $8000, $10,000 or more for heads, rods, ty valves etc. "STOP" I can still make more power on pump gas with a turbo motor  and drive from CA to Main and back for less than $5,000 for a complete turn key motor!!

Save your money and go turbo now
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