So one day i was driving my Fast Back to Bugpack to pick up a parts order. When i pulled in
the Bugpack parking lot i said to my self "this would be a good place to hold a car show".
So talked to the nice people got my parts and got on the road from Bugpack.
I also had a parts pick up that day from Empi. It was your typical beautiful So Cal day (most
are!) and the drive was specially nice in a turbo charged VW Fast Back. When i pulled in to
Empi's gi-norm-us parking lot, i said the same thing to my self " this would be a good place for
a car show or have a shop tour". Well when i got back to my shop i decided to give Empi and
Bugpack a call and see how they felt about maybe having a shop tour/ cruise one day.

Well after many hours on the phone and playing old fashion phone tag the powers to be gave
the big OK! So i started thinking about a name for this car cruise/ open house thing!
The big 2 cam to mind at some point.  So the next thing was a date. Talked to some people
that said there is  not a lot going on the Saturday of the Classic weekend. Perfect, so lets
make it happen!.
Some how during all this Scats name came up. So gave Tommy a call at Scat (my sales rep
over there) and gave him the same sales pitch that now I was so good at from the practice with
Empi and Bugpack! Before i was able to Finish the long sentences that i grabbed and formed
from that cave of thoughts in my head,  
Tommy said "sounds like fun, count us in"!!!
Now that was easy!

So i got the three main company's that support and supply most all of the parts for the
after market air cooled side of the VW industry to give the OK..... Now What?

Well i love going in these places and seeing the behind the scene with all the machines and
cool fabricating that most of my customers don't get to see. So some how that would have to
be part of this cruise. The most important part is it would have to be a cruise, not a gathering  
at a burger stop and call it a cruise, a real drive your VW car cruise. With Scat's location that
turned out to be the best part, with all the cool bridges and driving along the beach just made
the long drive 100% worth it!
OK i will shut up and let you see some of the pictures taken on
The Big Three Car Cruise of 2011
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