The LowBugget Traction Bar.
Stop The Hop!!!
You can break your gear box or save it!
The LowBugget Bar.
Our traction bar has proven itself on and off the track
now for
22+ YEARS!!!
Each bar is carefully crafted and inspected to uphold the
highest standard of quality.

Each bar is made of  .120in wall hard steel to support the
hardest launch you can dish out.
Guaranteed not to bend or bow like some others
( We wont mention any names.)
The neat thing about the LowBugget Bar is how we
make them shorter than all other traction bars and do
this on purpose. With our unique mounting the bar is
able to self-center and restrict the frame horns from
shimming back and forth.  "Yes" The frame horns
not only move up and down but side to side and twist
from the torque of the motor.

"POWDER-COATED"   Each bar is powder-coated with
a high gloss, No Fade UV block out finish.
Why powder-coating?
Powder-coating drys extremely hard and will resist heat
and oil. It looks so good too!!

You have Questions!

For our 20th Anniversary we have a special black and
grey hammer-tone tow-tone finish. We also had all of
them clear coated to give it a long lasting shiny finish!!

How thick are the hanger bolts?
We use heavy duty  USA 3/8" hanger bolts to support
the bar,"strength is not a problem"
Each bar comes with two special rubber mounts that are
placed at each end to help fight noise and vibration

This will work good  but you will suffer ground
clearance. The rubber that is placed between the bar and
the engine block will lower the bar thus suffering ground
clearance requiring the bar to be mounted lower. The
LowBugget Bar uses two rubber mounts instead of one.
These mounts are in-between the bar and the hanger
bolts, thus the stock ground clearance is retained and the
vibrations are eliminated. Other down side of mounting
the rubber in the center is the bar wants to pivot on that
mount and can cause it to work lose all the time.

On 66 and later bugs there is a factory hole pre-drilled  
so you  
do not need to do any drilling  into the body.
On the earlier models you will need to drill
one hole in
the factory bumper brace on each side and not into the
engine compartment like some others. Who wants to see
bolts sticking through the side of there car?

What is a traction bar for?
To support the frame-horns from moving up and down
and side to side. By eliminating this movement
your tires will stay in contact with the ground.

Can a Kafer Bar do the same?
No. The down side to a Kafer Bar or shock tower bar is
they are supporting more forward and because of this it
dose not have the extra 12 inches leverage like the
LowBugget Bar. With a Kafer bar you might not get
wheel hop but you still get gear chatter.
This chatter is a heavy vibration and can be catastrophic
too your first gear or ring & pinion.

Will a traction bar affect how my car runs or sounds?
"Yes" it will add 100hp and make your car faster and
look like new all the time. "sorry"
"NO" actually it does help stiffen up the rear end
suspension but it will not change how your car runs
or sounds.

What if  i  don't do big burnouts do i still need one?
If you ever plan to race your car, try to spin the tires or
leave hard from a light, then you
need a LowBugget BAR.

The LowBugget BAR is 100% made in USA
and only
Dealer inquiries invited.