Exhaust Wrap
- Reduces under hood temps by 50%.
- Contains header heat for added horsepower.
- Protects up to 2000 degree direct heat contact.
- Asbestos Free fiberglass composite
- Application is 1 Roll for per header depending
on tubing diameter and number of primary header
tubes. Offered in Natural Color in 1"x 50', 2" x 50'
and Black in 2" x 50'

Exhaust Wrap
1" wide x 50' roll. Yes 50 feet!
Natural Color

Exhaust Wrap
2" wide x 50' roll. Yes 50 feet!
Natural Color

Exhaust Wrap
2" wide x 50' roll. Yes 50 feet!

Titanium Look Exhaust Wrap
2" wide x 50' roll

Turbo Blanket
The Turbo Blanket can help to increase
horsepower and reduce turbo lag while protecting
other engine components. Features extreme
temperature insulation materials, which provides
greater heat protection, performance, and
durability.  Capable of withstanding 2000°F
continuous, the turbo blanket is designed for
street performance and even hardcore racing
use. Easy to install but makes a huge difference
on any application. Up to 75% drop in under the
deck temps! This is a good idea on real daily
drivers that just want lower engine temps but more
heat in the turbo. Offered in black only.

T3 and T3/T4 Turbo Blanket

T4 Blanket $169.99

Starter wrap
Aluminized fiberglass heat barrier. Protect
starters, carbs, fuel pumps-ANYTHING from up to
2000 F direct heat. 7” wide x 24" inches long.

Thermal Tape
Self-adhesive aluminized fiberglass thermal tape.
Protects up to 2000 degree RADIANT heat. Easy
to apply, thin and extremely flexible.
1 3/8” wide 15 foot roll

Boot Protectors
Protect spark plug boots from extreme header
heat. Protects up to 1200° F. Heat resistant
composite construction. 6 inches long, silver in
color. Set of 4 (thats 1x VW set!)

Fire Sleeve Oil line cover.
Constructed from a high temperature resistant
braided glass material, woven into a sleeve and
heavily coated with 100% iron oxide silicone
rubber, Fire Sleeve provides the ultimate in heat
insulation and protection from direct heat up to

Each kit includes a 16-inch length of black Fire
Tape to finish off ends of your 34" Fire Sleeve.

NHRA Accepted Products
Insulates wiring, hoses, oil / brake / transmission
lines & more
Use for bundling and protecting hoses, electrical
wiring etc.
Withstands 500°F continuous / 2000°F
intermittent heat
Burn protection during under hood repairs and
Includes a 16” length of Fire Tape to finish the
ends for clean look.
Will slide over pre-made lines with 1/2" and or -8
fittings already assembled.

Fire Sleeve for -8 or 1/2" oil lines
LowBugget can help you stop the heat!