Stock Size                            SPEED PULLY
The use of our smaller diameter Speed pulley will increase the
fan rotating speed up to 25% so a engine that turns only 2,800
rpm's the fan with our
Speed Pulley thinks the engine is
turning 3,500 rpm's. This is huge improvement on combos
with  freeway flyer and 5 speeds transmissions with tall
gearing. Also helps on large rear tire combos like Baja's or
Manx style buggy's.  Best improvement for a hot car used in
stop and go traffic. We use them on daily driver large combos
that make all low-end power and don't need to turn rpm to
make power. If your making power lower in rpm then your not
spinning the fan to combat the heat. Remember you cant make
HP or energy without making heat!
Each LowBugget Speed Pulley is zinc coated and use
standard VW pulley shims and bolts.

1x Speed Pulley.
1x Gates Cogged V-Belt fits onto SPEED PULLEY and
standard lower crank size pulleys.
8x shims to set belt tension.

Extra USA GATES Cogged V-Belt.
$24.99 each.
Stock size top pulley
Yellow Zinc