Shift-Dampener to save your gear box.'s
The use of dampeners will increase the life of your race transmission and
can improve your 60 ‘, 1/8 and ¼ mile times. Slip-engagement is the
name of the game to making the gear box last. Plus if you’re making big
power and tend to blow the tires off on the top end you will want one of
these. Try to engage violently and the dampener will say Nay..Nay!!
Will automatically engage soft and smooth in-between gears.
Fully adjustable, easy to install and set up.
I use one on my 10.90 Super comp car and only wish i had installed one
Made in USA

Shift-Dampener only
(you need to make a bracket)

Shift-Dampener with Bracket. (Sorry no picture of bracket)
This is all you need to save your transmission!