Trip to Sacramento
Bug-O-Rama 43
Now all of the racers no what the elevation is
in Sacramento.This is about 2.miles from
the track on Jackson rd.
Not a postcard,just a  good man behind the
camera. I grew up around down town
Sacramento and played in the capital as a
kid. The best part is to kick the  earthquake
reader in the capital  building.
So peple think we just had a major earthquake!!
I can't say a bad thing about  the two river city
Red Light."I.... hate that"
This is my best friend Rocky from Sacramento.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Looks like  he has the beginning stage of Mr.Clean like me!
Not just your average baja now is it?
Yes i picked up the hitchiker out at the
county  limit sign.
My Dad and I
Hey, which way you heading sailor?
"mongo like"
(mongo will keep her.)
New leters.
Dad and I.