LowBugget's 1.40:1 or 1.25:1 rockers.
Each kit is forged chromoly that is ground then heat treated.
Each rocker has the correct oil hole to oil the installed bronze bushings,
Unlike the old cheep needle bearing ones that brake or wear out do to lack of oil.
Our rockers have a oil hole drilled to feed the shaft for long term use.
We have tested these rockers now for over 6 years.
Made over 300hp with them and logged over 45,000 miles.
Now available to you!
The 1.4 rockers are dead on 1.40 ratio and the 1.25's are a true 1.25 ratio
Unlike some other brands

Each Kit includes:
Pre-oiled and assembled.
Solid Billet 3/4" 4340 shafts with heavy duty bolt on caps.
4x Extra Long Chromoly rocker studs with heavy duty ny-lock nuts.
Super Hard  valve adjuster nuts and Tool steel alen screws.
Pick from 1.25 or 1.40 Forged rocker Arms with real long last bronze bushings installed.
8x Heavy Duty lash caps.
We give you extra stainless steel rocker shaft shims to adjust the side play as needed.
Our 1.25 rockers were also used on the show Overhaulin VW build!

LowBugget 1.25 Pro Rocker kit   $159.99 Pair

LowBugget 1.40 Pro Rocker kit  $159.99 Pair

Our Stainless Steel 1mm Extra rocker shaft shims.
Also fit Berg and Scat rocker shafts. (3/4" ID)

10x shims $9.99                          20x shims $18.99

(If you plan to use our rockers on Comp-E or SF Heads you will need this 20x shim kit.)

Do you need Chromoly pushrods
Do you need a Adjustable Pushrod tool.
If so we stock them!

Need  help.
M-F 9am to 6pm
Sat 10Am to 3pm

Solid HD rocker shafts for stock vw 1.1 rockers and hi-lift 1.25 style
Includes shafts,shims and spacers.
$59.99 per pair.

1.25 stock style rockers.
They fit on stock size rocker shaft and use stock style adjusters.
Have oil hole inside for shaft and valve tip oiling.
8x $79.99      or     $10.99 each
Oil hole and bushed to last!
We give you
the complete kit!