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VW "Pro Billet" Distributor Kits
Pro Billet Volkswagon Distributors.
Our "Pro Billet" Distributor will work with out the use or need of a MSD box!
Yes you can run any coil and hook it up to this distributor with out the use of a extra box!!!
So if you want to replace your old 009, now you can with out the need of an extra ignition control box!

"Pro Billet" VW distributor
The "Pro Billet" features the following:
A billet of 6061 - T6 aluminium CNC is machined into a perfect housing for incredible strength.
Shaft has a large sealed ball bearing
Bearing brass sintered bushing
1/2" inch hardened steel shaft
Extremely accurate magnetic pickup which never requires adjustment. "No more points to adjust"
Billet distributor clamp.
High impack ABS lower base.
Air tight wire loom with plug.
Stock style distributor "O" ring seal.
We have them instock 100% new and complete.
$159.99 each

Extra "Pro Billet" Rotors $10 each keep one for when you need it!
Extra "Pro Billet" caps $13 "you never know"
"No need for a MSD style box"
Converter to work witout the need of a MSD style box (works with any coil, like our E-Core coil)
$19.99 each (only need one)
Have us
re-curve your "Pro Billet" distributor for your combo in house! $30
Replacement  Magnetic Pickup Module for the "Pro Billet" distributors $39.99
Extra Cable Assembly for your "Pro Billet" distributor 2-wire 6 feet. $13.99

9.5mm Spiral Pro Wires.
Spiral core wire that provides the voltage carrying capability of a metal conductor with the benefit of static suppression. The spiral wound steel alloy conductor offers very little resistance. This set up lowers resistance to 40ohms per foot. We have the custom kits for street cars with all the sheet metail (straight spark plug ends) or kits for race cars with no sheet metail (90* spark plug ends). We can custom make kits for std male coil ends like a Bosch Blue coil or for female ends like our E-Core coils.

#302 9.5mm Sprial Pro wires. Straight spark plug ends (stock style), with  90* ends at the distributor
$34.99 Used on street cars with all the stock style sheet metal.

#303 9.5mm Sprial Pro wires. Racer 90* spark plug ends (no cylinder tin). With 90* ends
at the distributor, Used with our Pro Billet or MSD distributors.

#304 9.5mm Sprial Pro wires. Racer 90* spark plug ends. (no cylinder tin)90* ends at the distributor. (used with 009,050, 010 and 034 type distributor caps.) $34.99

E-Core 50,000 volt coils.
Producing up to
70% more spark energy (50,000 volts) than stock coils with outstanding reliability.
This unit is recommended for street, strip, circle track and drag racing.
The coil uses "E-core design" technology which loses less voltage, so more spark gets to your plugs.
Internally the coil also has large gauge wire windings for maximum spark current and voltage with better heat dissipation at high rpm. High voltage arcing is minimised through screw on connectors and a high tension tower. Ideal for use with capacitive discharge (CD) ignition systems and all High Output Ignitions.
$59.99 each  
#402 Blue anodized
#403 Red  anodized 

PACKAGE DEAL...... $25.00 off
1x "Pro Billet" VW Distributor with built in magnetic pickup.
1x Set of 9.5mm Sprial Pro wires
1x E-Core 50,000 volt coil in Red or Blue anodized.
$249.99 and get a FREE converter to be a complete stand alone setup! (no need for a MSD box) 

Red E-Core 50,000 voilt coil
Blue E-Core 50,000 voilt coil
VW Billet Distributor
E-Core 50,000 voilt coils
9.5mm wires.
VW Billet Distributor
VW Billet Distributor
Red E-Core 50,000 voilt coil