PRA '94 from Ocean Street Video starts off with a look at the highlights of the 1993
season. There were several record-shattering runs that will keep you on the edge of
your seat. The excitement continues into the 1994 season, where we see racers like
Ron Lummus, Jack Sacchette, Chris Bubetz, Manny Flores in Yellow Trouble and a
host of others as they battle it out in the toughest air-cooled racing league in the world.
PRA '95 is called the "Pro-Turbo Special" because it contains more turbocharged
flat-four action than you will see anywhere on the planet. While this tape fully covers all
three PRA classes(Super Street, Pro Stock, and Pro Turbo), it makes a special
attempt to show every Pro-Turbo run of the 1995 season. This is important because
four of the top Pro-Turbo cars of the 90's are no longer with us. Ron Townsend, Steve
Ortega, and Manny Flores in Yellow Trouble all lost their cars thru accidents. Kenny
Stacey in the Turbo Addiction Ghia retired from PRA racing after winning Sacramento
and running very well in Las Vegas. Don't pass up the opportunity to see these
force-induced insects running for the last time.
PRA '96 takes a close look at the revival of the Pro Stock class, where drivers spend
top dollar on state of the art equipment in a title chase for the most prestigious flat-four
crown in the world. These are the best naturally-aspirated VW drag racing vehicles
ever built, and every one of them is a work of art.
PRA 1997 was an important year for the Quick-8 dragsters. That unlimited racing class saw
records being shattered, not just broken. It was all the more exciting with the
transformation of the class into a heads-up category called Top Eliminator.
In the Pro Turbo class, world record holder Chris Bubetz faced stiff competition from the
new fastback of Doug Harvey. He also saw defeat at the hands of arch-rival Dominick
Luppino in the Dragonslayer. Jay Schumacher was running Pro Turbo, and he was
wheelstanding the old Moonshadow car at nearly every event. You won't want to miss this
racing action!
In PRA 1998, the most competitive heads-up PRA format had to be Super Street.
There were always more cars in that class than any of the other Pro classes, and nearly
every race saw a full field. During the season a tight points battle developed between
Shawn Geers and Dave Perkins, but that wasn't the whole story. Angie Vanderhorst, for
instance, powered her way into one of the top three qualifying positions in every race that
was run. When the circuit arrived in Las Vegas, the Super Street points title chase was
far from over. Into the midst of this competitive furor Andy Costello cruised in for his first
race of  the year. It might have been hard to take him seriously, considering that his last
race in 1997 ended in the horrible crash of the Performance Technology fastback.
However, the two-time Super Street champ didn't let that get in his way.
PRA '99 covers a lot of the action in the heads-up Volkswagen drag racing classes and
the unlimited Top Eliminator class, as well as selected passes from Super Gas and Pro
Eliminator. There is also an extensive interview with Mark Schley(of the Schley Brothers),
during which he explains just what it took to campaign their Volkswagen drag racing cars
all over North America during the '60's and '70's.
The Schley Brothers worked night and day to set 19 national records in their classes, and
they were generous enough to share with us some very rare footage(circa 1973?) of their
race cars. We can't thank them enough for letting us have a glimpse of how it was during
the heyday of Volkswagen drag racing.
The Pro Racing Association is the sanctioning body for VW 1/4 mile drag racing in the
Western United States. The PRA races under NHRA rules and regulations at NHRA sanctioned tracks.
All PRA cars are NHRA certified and tech inspected. The PRA races at NHRA tracks in
Phoenix, Sacramento, Denver, Las Vegas, and more.
When it comes to wheel standing on the PRA tour, nobody does it better than
Clyde Berg and "Muffler" Mike Sheldon. You won’t believe the air these guys get!
Clyde Berg seemed to be on attack mode, possibly because he had his famous car up
for sale. He came down so hard in Sacramento that he broke the front end.

The Pro Stock class saw one of the heaviest rivalries in recent history, with veteran
racers Andy Costello and Chris Bubetz both making big horsepower and even bigger
e.t/mph records. At the season opener in Phoenix, some of the Texas PRA crew showed
up and really put the hammer down on the California Pro Stock guys.
Renn Kafer Cup 2000 documents all the action in the new Volkswagen street car
class. It covers all 4 of the RKC events, as they happened in 2000. This class of
racing is an entirely new idea, and it's based on the concept that equal points are
awarded for both e.t. and show appearance. At the present time, RKC is
an all-motor class.
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The Pro Mod Class: Turbo vs. Nitrous!     
VW Speed Scene is the first in a new series of air-cooled Volkswagen drag racing
videotapes. This new format features the best of both street cars and race cars,
all presented together in one video.
Coverage includes the last two events on the 2001 PRA tour, several VW vs. import
passes from Bakersfield, and a couple of great interviews with Frenchy Dehoux and
Allen Weiss. Frenchy is one of the show judges in the Der Renn Kafer Cup series,
and Allen is a competitor in that same drag racing class. If you want to know what it
takes to run in the DRKC, watch as Allen gives us a detailed look at his 12-second,
EFI-powered street car.
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This was one VW street car race that will go down in history, because so many things
came together at the same time. The weather was hot and sunny, 166 Volkswagens hit
the track, and over 1,100 spectators put Carlsbad Raceway on the map as "the" place to
see the quickest air-cooled street VW's. The track was prepped better than it had been in
years, and there were 17 broken transmissions to prove it.
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Drag Day III
Street VW Race
Carlsbad Drag Day III Street VW Race
                                         In July of 1983, the last Hot VW's Drag Day was held at the old Orange
                                         County International Raceway. The same people that ran that event
                                          have now started it up again. There are two Drag Day's scheduled
                                          at Irwindale for 2002, with more to come.
The first event of 2002 was a smashing success. Over 2,500 people packed the stands for a
street car slugfest that featured some of the top names in the high-performance VW world.
The list of industry heavyweights included some people that hadn't been seen at a VW race
in years. In addition, the Der Renn Kafer Cup racers showed up with their outstanding
Cal-Look sedans.
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Renn Kafer
Cup 2000
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