Comp-E/ Super Flow Open Plenum Turbo Manifolds.
Used to fight the reversion of the intake valve closing on turbo combos
and give more open area for flow.
As seen on the TV show Street Outlaws. Used on Azn's Dung Beetle.
Hand TIG welded and 100% Made in the USA.
Only available from

Extra thick and surfaced after welding mounting flanges.
Spot-faced mounting flanges. Stock spread intake mounting holes.

Offset 2" inlet port will clear stock fan shroud and cylinder tin.
In 3" equal size plenum chambers.

Center inlet or we can off set for you.
You can match port or we can for you.

2" inlet to 3" plenum raw $700 pair

2" inlet to 3" plenum polished ceramic $800 pair

Here is a set of plenum intakes on a PRA ProMod combo.
This little combo made 386hp at the wheels on 27lbs boost at 7800 rpms
all from a A.J.Sims built 1915cc!