"T" Pipes and Plenum manifold Kits.
We now offer kits that give you all you need to add a set of our all new
hand made aluminum BIG HP Plenum manifolds.

The "T" Pipe is extra long so you can cut one side to fit your turbos outlet location.
This kit is made to clear stock alternator with T-Pipe going under the alternator.
The Manifolds do clear stock sheet metal. You may need to trim around flanges.
We have Plenum boxes for Stock inlet flange,  Super Flow and Comp E heads.

All "T" Pipes are made with 1x 2" in, 2x 2" out.

Each kit includes:
1x Hand Made Aluminum "T" Pipe
1x Pair Hand Made Plenum Turbo Manifolds.
2x Silicone Boots (Connects T-pipe to Manifolds)
1x Silicone Boot (Connects T-Pipe to your Turbo)
6x Correct size Clamp-Co Stainless Steel USA MADE Clamps
2x Intake Gaskets (Your head to plenum manifolds)

Street Kit 450hp
2" Inlet with 2" Outlet
2" in to 3" Plenum's Stock style head flange.
$780 for the kit.

Race Kit 500hp
2" Inlet with 2" Outlet
For use with Super Flow or Comp E style heads.
$880 for the kit.