In this picture you can see everybody saying:
"What a piece of SHI#"!!!
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Motel 6...."NOT"
Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my car?
Grab me a beer please
Had to start this page with this great picture of Clyde Berg doing a gravity check.
"All right now give me a big smile"
Thanks  Bill.
The picnic on the beach. ("theres no beaches in Arizona")
Can you belive this was two new beetles
doing some e-brake burn-outs?
I was able to get 2 shots off with the
same  camera."NEAT-O!!"
Smoke em if you got em
Well this was our transportation for the trip.
Luckly my friend Shawn  had a motorhome
collecting dust.We decided to use it  for our 6
hour drive.Shawn also had this trailer for
sandrails that his grandpa had built.With a little
modification and some new parts the race car fit
like a glove. Cairvaning with Clyde Berg,Jon
Sugar and each of their families, we headed off
like there was a fire behide us.
(we are not at the track yet, slow down)
For lunch we had a short
intermission and the pros came out
to show us how its done.I'm not sure
who the  competitor was,the parents or the  young drivers!Some of the mini dragsters had more money in them than my car!(all of the mini dragsters had more)
This is at about 100mph  at
half track, in 3rd  with a little
    (dont believe
                     everything you read
                 "Thanks Clyde"
            I'm siting on the flor.
With only 7 cars in my class it was not much of a turnout.The first race i went up against a car
that was too slow for the next class but too fast for my class.He dialed in a 14.00 and i dialed
a14.95.He ran a 13.sec pass, i ran on the mark.
"1 down"
Next came a 1914cc little runner.I was talking to the driver before the race about his car and
surprised to see the  15.00sec dial-in on the side.It seemed like the car should be      alot
quicker.We pulled up to the line,hit the lights and "bam" he broke his crank at the line and
came to a stop.I was able to cruise the rest of the way down the track.
"2 down"
.Next car  was the last one for me to face."I'm in the  final for this bracket".
This car was a nice DKP influenced,big  motor,show stopper with that stroker sound we all
know.But he had a problem getting it started! So all i had to do was run down the track.My first
VW race and the best cars either broke or couldn't run.Knowing  that there was no way to lose
now, i  pushed it hard down the track.For the first time the motor hit 7,000 RPM's and  i skipped
the use of 4th gear.(Mark from Gene Berg said i should be able to cross the line in 3rd.Well, he
was right.)I ran a 14.75 in LOW BUGGET."With street tires might i add".
("theres no beaches in Arizona")
Time to celebrate.With the check
in my pocket and a beer in my hand
i was felling good at  Firebird race
At the track there is a lake for boat
racing that you can see in the
background.This was so perfect
with the boats on the lake and the
Bugs and Beetles on shore
(cars not insects) it made for some
good conversation.
This was my first time at this track
and the first time with friends like
this.After the picnic we hit the beer
at the hotel and we hit it hard.The
next day i tried not to think about

the liquid.
"You know what i am talking about"?