On the track with a stock 1600cc motor and the 1600T kit. 
14.15 @93.4 mph in the 1/4mile. 
First time at the track and each pass had a lot of wheel spin and then major clutch slippage.(still stock pressure plate and disc at that time)  Had to switch to a stage 2 clutch  "Now let's have some fun." and a Daykem "B" disc.
  It's hard to leave the line in first gear, because the turbo builds so  much boost" = torque instantly".
In second gear, the car will break loose as you grab the gear, then break loose again at the power point
(3,800rpm's) causing you to either reach for third or ride it out.  The rest of the way it has the torque
of a V8 car and this is where you end up motoring past everyone. "Hold on because it keeps going faster"
That day i made 7 pases down the track at Carlsbad. I beat my firends 2007cc. some V8's and some rice rockets.
A 1600 is a nice power plant but it still needid a little more motor for when off boost.