Some pictures of me getting the Kadron carbs ready.
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Some pictures of me getting the the heads ready and using the mill to notch the pistons.
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Some pictures of Dave Greiner and my dad hard at work.
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Some pictures of  the motor on the stand.
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1914cc 94x69
Scat H beam rods.
12.0:1 compression
Vz 35 cam on a set of straight cut gears.
stock 1.1:1 rockers.Empi solid shafts.
Scat Lube-a-lobe lifters
Deves piston rings and  teflon buttons.
40x37 heads with Mongo ports.
Kadrons with 34.7 venturies and Scat linkage.
1 5/8" Berg header with a Nav muffler.
Scats new pushrod tubes.

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A look at Daves shop and my head pile.
Late at night with my dad trying to finish my motor.

The starting of the New Low Bugget motor.
It sound Good.