Our Engine kits are offered in
these size configurations.

                                   BORE (piston size)
STROKE                 85.5mm   90.5mm   92mm    94mm
 1600cc     1776cc   1835cc   1914cc
78mm                                2007cc  2074cc   2165cc
82mm                                2110cc  2180cc   2276cc
84mm                                                           2332cc
86mm                                                           2387cc
88mm                                                           2442cc
So why try to call all around town to get this part from this shop and that part from that shop?
We can supply you with all the best parts, all in one shop.
You can pick what size and style of motor to build or we can help you.

Our "You Build" Master Engine kits start at $2499.99

Give us a call and let our tech walk you through the build!
714- 639- 4284
"You Build" Master Engine Kits
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Would you like to see an example build?
We picked a 2276cc IDA combo with a goal of 220hp.
Check out the side notes on how and why we picked some of the options!
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(crank size)
LowBugget.com complete YOU BUILD Engine kit.
Everything you will need to build a top of the line complete long block engine for a stock daily driver or all out beast.
We can help you build any street, strip or off road application to suit your every need!
We also give you unsurpassed tech help along the way!
Name brand parts like:
Bugpack, Scat, Empi, DPR, LowBugget,  IAP, Mahle, Manton, and more!