Cool Links
The Big 3 Car Cruise 2011
Reflex tester
Compression Calculator
Tire Size Math
1/4 mile math
Turbo Keiths crash @ IRWINDALE
Pomona swap info
Carlsbad info
Vegas Raceway
Phoenix / Firebird Raceway
New Yorks Twin Towers
Staging light help (a must read)  
The history and making
of the Low Bugget drag bug.
Some older picks and info on the
building of "Low Bugget"
Page #1 Street to strip
Page #2 Rags to recoreds
The motor's.1641 to 1914
The  172hp 1914 Motor
Painting pictures
Phoenix pictures(1998)
Sacramento pictures(1999)
Pictures from Carlsbad DKPIII
Race Heads off the the car
Dyno results1776 & 1915