Exhaust (exit out of turbo) Flanges
T25, T3, T4, 5x bolt etc.     
Flanges, 3/8" steel lazer cut!

T25 5xbolt $18.99

T3 5xbolt  $19.99

T3 4xbolt $14.99

T4 5xbolt $22.99

Wastegate flanges
Taped with 8mmx1.25
(mount to header) $14.99

Drilled hole
(make wastegate dump pipe) $12.99

Turbo mounting flanges
All mounting flanges are 3/8" thick.

T25 4x bolt $19.99

T3 4x bolt $19.99

T4 4x bolt $24.99

T5 4xbolt $32.99

O2 Bungs for standard O2 sensors

O2 Weld-in bung $8

02 screw-in plug $6

Kit 1x O2 bung and 1x O2 plug
exhaust flanges
Turbo flange kits
includes 1x exhaust exit flange, 1x turbo mounting flange 1x threaded wastegate mounting
flange and 1x drilled wastegate exhaust flange, 1x O2 weld in bung and screw in O2 plug.

T25 5xbolt kit $74.99

T3 4xbolt exhaust kit  (used on standard T3 turbos) $69.99

T3 5xbolt exhaust kit (use on t3/t4 turbos) $75.99

T4 5xbolt kit $ 84.99