Carlsbad Oct 10
I'm J790 on the left
DKP III at Carlsbad.
HOT, HOT, HOT at the track.  And just a little packed
with over 150 cars and 1100 fans.
My first pass was a 
I didn't push the car to hard because the first 3 cars
in front of me "SNAPPED" their trannys.
The next pass was a
13.97.  Then it was time to race
for money in the bracket fun pot.  I picked 13.95 index
for the race and boy was that wrong.  I ran a
"WOW" the fastest time the car ever ran before that
was a 13.89.  I lost to my opponent whose index was a 12.35 but ran a 12.34.  If you do the math i was way-out-there!
But I still could run time only for fun.  So i pushed it hard and ran a
13.79, yes a 13.79 with the same 1641cc motor that I still had not touched in 2 years.
P.S.thanks to the Kadron challenge
Der Transaxle i made $100 this
I'm J790 on the left.
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