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Over 300 various manufacturers and over 10,000 parts at your finger tips!!.
LowBugget.com is able to offer you the lowest price available,
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We drive, work, play and bleed VW Performance!!!
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We Ship all over the world and offer discounts on large orders!!!
Complete Engines and Engine Parts
Short Blocks and Long Blocks Engines
Turn Key Carb and Turbo Engines
Heads, Stock, Ported, CNC, Race
Base Engine Build Kits
Master Engine Build Kits
Turbo Change-Over Engine Kits

Aluminum Super Case
AS41 Magnesium Engine Case

Crankshafts 69 to 90mm
Crank and Flywheel Balanced Together
Crankshaft Installation parts and kits

Brad Penn Oil and Brake-in Oil
Main Bearings
Type 4 Main Bearings
Center-Groove Main Bearings
Rod & Cam Bearings
"I" Beam Rods
"H" Beam Rods

Piston & Cylinder's + labor options
Slip-in 94's
Barrel Spacers and Copper Head Gaskets

1.25 and 1.4 rockers
Push Rods
Turbo Cams
Engle Cams
Button Head Cam Bolts

Oil Pumps and Covers
Billet Oil Mount fillers and Caps
Oil Spring psi Plugs for the Case
Oil Pressure Regulator Filter Mount
Oil Filters

Aluminum Valve Covers with AN -8 fittings
5 1/2lb Crankshaft Pulley

Clutch and Pressure Plate
Brake Kits and Parts
Carburetor & Fuel
Turbo Kits & Parts
Suspension & Transmission
Oil Cooling
Gauge's and Tach's
Inside and Out
Machine Shop Labor
In Shop Auto Repair
Aluminum fittings and stainless line

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Overhaulin' show, He
helps a young man build
his dream!
2276cc turbo daily driver!
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Turn Key Engines

CNC Heads

Crank and Flywheel
Balanced together

Slip-In 94mm Piston kits

LBC Turbo cams

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