We have a customer say they would pay for the tech help that we give
for free! We should have a 900 number for all the tech calls! Many days
we spend on the phone for hours not working on orders but instead
helping old and new customers on there builds.
We had one customer insisted on paying something for all the time on
the phone with him! He said we need a tech help donation button.
Some of you have seen the un-cashed check in the shop for $20, That
check was for helping a customer pick out correct parts, giving tech
help and teaching him how to tune his dream all over the phone!
You may have seen the $1, $5 and $10 dollar bills hanging from celling.
They are tips from customers, yes tips, no dancing or playing guitar on
side all are from helping our customers!

So here you go, a donation buttons, yes just for you to show your
appreciation for the help you received from any one of us at LowBugget.

Think of it as buying us a coke or passing on some game tickets for
helping you out!

You don't have to but we do say thanks for supporting the shop and as
always if you have a question and want a real answer,,,, just ask!

Please tell us your story at the same time, we talk to thousands of
customers and unfortunately only get to meet a few of you!
Have Fun!!!
$1                 $5                  $10                   $25                   $50