Center Groove Main Bearings Exclusive from
We start with 100% new Mahle Original main bearings and machine a groove into the center of each bearing.
Yes this groove supports the crankshaft journals a full 360* of rotation with extra film of oil at all times.
This extra groove also helps feed a contentious supply of oil to each rod journal in a full 360* degrees of crankshaft rotation.
All other main bearings that are available today only feed the crank and rod journals with oil every 180* degrees of your motors rotation. 

Only Center Groove main bearings receive extra clearance to the radios of the rear main bearing to clear the large radios of todays modern crankshafts. We also take the rear main bearing and hand surface the thrust side so you know its flat to lessen the chance of locking up the rear main during that critical brake in period. One of the most important things that we do to our bearing sets is cross-hatch and hand polish each bearing. Last is to give them a quick wash and blow off with some air and now you have a set of Center Groove Main Bearings  that are ready to install.
Most sizes available to fit any size machined crank and standard or line bored case combo.
$95 per set
Center Groove Main Bearings Exclusive from
Hand Surface
Not Flat!
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