Caster Shims.
If your car does not track correctly or wants to hunt when
going down the freeway most likely you need more positive
caster.(lower part of the beam pushed out) Stock VW's have
this built in but when you lower the car you take this away and
you will need to add extra caster back. On race cars or cars
that will be dreven at high speeds you may need 2x sets of
caster shims to stack on top of each other. Our Racer Kit
comes with 4x caster shims and 2x extra long bolts to replace
the 2x lower beam bolts.

How to install.
Once you lower your VW the beam you will need more
positive caster added back in to it. To do so you unbolt the 4x
main bolts that hold the beam to the pan, just loosen them,
don't completely remove. Once you have enough space
behind the lower of the two beams, slide one each caster on
each side shim between the beam and pan to space the lower
section out or moved forward. The caster shim is only installed
on the lower beam. Re tighten the 4x bolts and inspect.

                          2x caster shims for one car.

                                    Racer Kit: 4x caster shims and 2x  
           longer lower bolts

                                       Extra long lower bolts only, grade 8

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