Drink-N-Stuff Baskets
Check out these cool baskets that hold your two drinks and a spot for extra
stuff like, wallet, sandwich, taco etc! Made from sturdy steel and come with
shinny chrome plating or nice thick powder coating (black or white)
They measure 7" wide x 8" long and fit all type 1 Bugs, Ghia, Fastback,
Squareback, Notchback, Manx style buggy's or any custom made VW that
have a centre tunnel. They wedge over the tunnel just in front of your shifter
and can hold two drinks in a sharp turn with out tipping over! They
$30.00 each
Chrome                          Black                    Off White

Bus Basketes
They hang on the vents or can hook onto the window glass.
$30 each

Off White                                                  Black
BUS Basket